TickleIntensive – Lacey Scott Suffers

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Lacey Scott is a hot blonde whos RIDICULOUSLY TICKLISH, ESPECIALLY ON HER HOT SIZE 8 FEET! She was very hesitant to get wrapped TOPLESS and tickled on the bed, but Bianca assured her this scene wouldnt be as bad, but the sadistic redhead loves breaking promises to restrained hotties! She subjects to Lacey to a BRUTAL NONSTOP TICKLING SESSION!

LACEY HAS NO IDEA HOW BAD THIS IS GOING TO BE, but as soon as she feels Biancas nails on her silky soles, she knows its going to be way more than she can take! Unable to control herself, she bursts into hysterical laughter the second she feels those wicked fingernails raking her arches, cackling like a witch possessed! SHE SCREAMS FOR MERCY ALMOST IMMEDIATELY, BUT BIANCA REFUSES TO GIVE HER A BREAK, COVERING HER FEET IN BABY OIL AND MAKING HER SCREAM WITH HYSTERIA INSTEAD! The baby oil is very effective on poor Lacey and she practically howls with laughter, screaming OH GOD, OH MY FUCKING GOD, STOP!! as her feet are mercilessly tickled. The comb and brush applied to Laceys bare feet are also incredibly effective. She screams at the top of her lungs with agonized laughter when Bianca tickles her feet and toes with the comb and she goes wild when her feet are subjected to a brutal brushing!

Laceys sweaty and sensitive upperbody is just too hot to ignore. BIANCA VICIOUSLY TICKLES HER ARMPITS, SIDES, BREASTS, NIPPLES STOMACH, AND HIPS, causing the hysterical woman to shriek with hysterical laughter and struggle as hard she can, her muscles standing out in sharp relief as she fightsher bonds! BUT SHES TIED TIGHT AND THERES NO ESCAPE FROM BIANCAS LONG FINGERS as she gleefully tickles poor Lacey harder and harder, her sadistic grin growing wider with each bout of desperate laughter!

BIANCA CANT GET ENOUGH OF TICKLING LACEY SCOTT. Shes dripping with sweat and gasping for air but her exhaustion doesnt matter to the evil redhead. Bianca returns her feet and destroys the hysterical blonde, making her scream with peal after peal of hot hysteria until she swears she cant take it anymore, earning her poor feet an even harsher tickling! For the climax, LACEYS FEET ARE PUNISHED WITH A BRUTAL DUAL HAIRBRUSH SEGMENT THAT LEAVES HER COMPLETELY WRECKED! She is left tied to the bed drenched in sweat, gasping for air, and moaning with relief.

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