TickleIntensive – NOT THE TOES!!

Bianca's enjoyed tickle t0rturing the feet of A LOT of beautiful women lately and it's time she got a taste of own medicine – well, more than just a taste, if Storm has anything to say about it! She tightly wraps and straps a TOPLESS Bianca for a session that focuses exclusively on her EXCRCUIATINGLY TICKLISH SIZE 10 FEET!! Her long toes have been toetied for complete immobility.

STORM REMEMBERS HOW CRUELLY BIANCA TICKLED HER, AND NOW THAT SHE HAS HER COMPLETELY RESTRAINED, SHE'S NOT GOING TO SHOW HER ANY MERCY! She begins by spidering her fingernails in her sensitive arches, causing the extremely ticklish redhead to squeal with hysterical laughter! Storm giggles with sadistic delight while she covers her soles in baby oil. Then she rakes her sharp nails up and down Bianca's slick soles, making her scream with laughter! Storm smirks with satisfaction as she forces her victim to cackle like a witch and beg for mercy! During the session, it doesn't take Storm long to figure out Bianca's toes are the most ticklish part of her feet. “NOT THE TOES, NOT THE FUCKING TOES!!” BIANCA SCREAMS, BUT HER PLEADING ONLY ENCOURAGES STORM TO TICKLE HER TOES EVEN MORE! She struggles like crazy when Storm tickles her toes, but her bonds are secure, and all she can do is shake her tits and hips salaciously as her feet are subjected to BRUTAL TICKLING!

Fingernails tickle Bianca's feet like hell but implements applied to her extremely ticklish soles are just as bad… if not worse! Storm tickles her feet with her nails, the comb, the brush, and THE PINWHEEL! The comb forces Bianca to laugh hysterically, especially when it's sawed between her toes, but the brush and pinwheel are the worst! She bounces up and down on the bed and laugh hysterically when her soles are scrubbed by the brush… BUT SHE STRUGGLES LIKE MAD AND SCREAMS WITH AGONIZED LAUGHTER WHEN THE PINWHEEL IS RUN UP AND DOWN HER TICKLISH SOLES! Bianca pleads frantically with Storm to give her a break, but the evil redhead just tickles her feet even harder, forcing her to curse and scream with frustrated laughter!

Bianca's been wrecked by the extreme foot tickling. She's covered in sweat, her hair is a mess, and she's gasping for air, but the tickling isn't over yet! Bianca's feet deserve a brutal tickling and Storm is determined to give it to her. She tickles her soles with her nails, the brush, and the pinwheel until Bianca is completely exhausted and screaming helplessly with hysterical laughter. She frantically begs and pleads for the tickling to stop but Storm is having none of it. INSTEAD OF STOPPING, SHE PUNISHES BIANCA'S FEET WITH DUAL HAIRBRUSHES, MAKING THE EXHAUSTED GIRL SQUEAL WITH PEALS OF AGONIZED LAUGHTER! When the brutal foot tickling is finally over, Bianca is completely wrecked, left tied to the bed drenched in sweat and gasping for air.

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