TickleIntensive – She’s Going to Suffer

Tara, a desperately ticklish hottie from Texas, just made a big mistake. She was invited to her first East Coast Halloween party and she came WITHOUT A COSTUME AND DRESSED LIKE A SLUT, GETTING ALL THE ATTENTION AT THE PARTY! Bianca and Daphney are having none of it and lock Tara in the stocks topless for a NONSTOP tagteam tickling session she wont soon forget! Her big size 10.5 feet are toetied for completely immobility.

Bianca and Daphney really didnt like the attention Tara was getting at the party and they tickle her with brutal resolve. TARA'S FEET ARE HER MOST TICKLISH SPOT, SO THE GIRLS RAKE THEIR SHARP FINGERNAILS UP AND DOWN HER SLENDER SOLES UNTIL SHE'S SHRIEKING WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER! Baby oil is applied to Taras feet, and when the tickling resumes, she cant take it on her oiled soles and screams at the top of her lungs with hysteria! The girls tease her wickedly as she cackles hysterically and begs for mercy. "STOP PLEASE! I WONT DO IT AGAIN, I PROMISE!" SHE PLEADS, BUT THE GIRLS JUST LAUGH AT HER PATHETIC PLEADING AND TICKLE HER EVEN HARDER! Bianca and Daphney use a combination of their fingernails, pinwheels, dual combs, and dual hairbrushes to drive their victim insane. The brushes are the worst and Tara screams with agonized laughter as her sensitive soles are subjected to a brutal brushing!

Tara's upperbody is also desperately ticklish and the girls show her no mercy. BEFORE THE TICKLING BEGINS, HER TOP IS REMOVED, EXPOSING HER TICKLISH BREASTS! Bianca and Daphney viciously tickle Taras armpits, TITS, NIPPLES, sides, hips, even her excruciatingly ticklish inner thighs! She shrieks and sputters with hysterical laughter, screaming for the tickling to stop, but it only gets worse! SOON THE TICKLING IS SO BAD ALL SHE CAN DO IS LAUGH AND GASP FOR AIR!

Tara is covered in sweat and begging for a break BUT BIANCA AND DAPHNEY ARE HAVING WAY TOO MUCH FUN TO STOP NOW! They return to her feet and wreck the poor girl with their fingernails and DUAL HAIRBRUSHES! Tara screams with desperate laughter as her feet are tickled so much her soles literally turn PINK! By the time its finally over, Tara is left a gasping, sweaty mess.

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