TickleIntensive – Spanish Dream on the Bed

Sofia is a Spanish hottie from NYC with an attitude who happens to be EXTREMELY TICKLISH, ESPECIALLY ON HER SILKY SOFT SIZE 7.5 FEET! She is strapped to the bed in her bra and panties, legs spread extra wide, for a merciless tickling session she wont soon forget!

Bianca knows she may never get another chance to tickle Sofia so she takes full advantage of this opportunity, starting with her most ticklish spot, her gorgeous feet! SHE TAKES METICULOUS CARE OF HER FEET, SO HER SILKY SOLES ARE EXTREMELY SENSITIVE, AND SHE CACKLES HYSTERICALLY AS SHARP NAILS ARE RAKED ALL OVER HER SENSITIVE SOLES! Sofia takes in great gulps of air as her feet are covered in baby oil, then she shrieks with laughter as her slick soles are tickled without mercy! Bianca loves making this Spanish hottie scream with laughter and struggle like crazy. She occasionally teases Sofias feet with her mouth, sucking on her arches and toes just long enough to make her moan with pleasure, before tickling them with her sharp nails to make her hysterical all over again! Sofias bare soles are also subjected to the 7-head pinwheel, the comb, and the hairbrush! The pinwheel and the comb drive her crazy, making her cackle with hysterical laughter, but the brush is the worst SOFIA SCREAMS AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS WITH DESPERATE LAUGHTER AS HER SOLES ARE SUBJECTED TO A MERCILESS BRUSHING!

Sofias upperbody is also extremely ticklish and Bianca viciously tickles every inch of her exposed skin. SHE TICKLES HER ARMPITS, SIDES, STOMACH, HIPS, EVEN HER SENSITIVE INNER THIGHS UNTIL THE POOR GIRL IS SCREAMING WITH HYSTERIA! Sofia gasps for air and tries to beg, but the tickling overwhelms her, and she can only laugh hysterically and struggle in a fruitless effort to avoid Biancas wicked fingers!

The more Sofia is tickled, the more sensitive she gets, so the last half of the session is even worse than the first! Bianca gleefully returns to her feet and tickles them twice as bad, making her cackle and sputter with bouts of hysterical laughter. SHE TICKLES SOFIAS FEET WITH HER NAILS UNTIL SHE CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE, THEN SHE PUNISHES THEM WITH DUAL HAIRBRUSHES, MAKING HER SCREAM WITH HER MOST INTENSE LAUGHTER YET! The session finally over, she is left to tied to the bed, covered in sweat and tickled to complete exhaustion.

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