TickleIntensive – Thirty Ticklish Toes

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This ones for the books THREE BEAUTIFUL AND EXTREMELY TICKLISH WOMEN HAVE BEEN WRAPPED AND STRAPPED TO THE BED FOR A LEGENDARY TICKLING SCENE! Its not often that one gets three pairs of hot and incredibly ticklish feet tied to the bed and its even more rare to have such a hot mix first up is Heather, a hot blonde with extremely sensitive size 7.5 feet. Next is Elena, a gorgeous European fashion model with HUGE and extremely ticklish size 12.5 (WW) feet! And finally theres Chie, a DESPERATELY TICKLISH CHINESE HOTTIE with size 8.5 feet! The feet are the worst for all three women so all of their feet have been tightly toetied for complete immobility!

BIANCA AND STORM CAN HARDLY BELIEVE THEIR EYES THREE HOT WOMEN WITH THREE PAIRS OF HOT TICKLISH SOLES TO TORMENT! They dont need any encouragement and they dive right in, tickling all three of the girls feet at once, causing all of them to burst into bouts of hysterical laughter! HEATHER, ELENA, AND CHIE ALL HOWL WITH HYSTERIA AS THEIR FEET ARE MERCILESSLY RAKED BY THE TWO SADISTIC WOMEN! They beg frantically when baby oil is applied to their ticklish feet, they know the oil is going to make their sensitive soles even more ticklish, but their begging only encourages the girls to tickle them even harder! ALL THREE GIRLS SCREAM WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER AND STRUGGLE LIKE MADWOMEN AS THE INTENSE FOOT TICKLING DRIVES THEM CRAZY! Bianca and Storm decide to give their captives feet some sadistic individual attention they gang up on each pair of ticklish feet with fingernails, dual pinwheels, and dual hairbrushes! Heather, Elena, and Chie have their feet tickled until theyre screaming with agonized laughter and begging for mercy or until the girls decide they once again want to hear all three of them shrieking with laughter at the same time!

The girls upperbodies are also extremely ticklish and they dont escape their tormentors evil fingers. Bianca and Storm viciously tickle t0rture all three of the girls excruciatingly ticklish armpits, side, stomach, and hips! THE GIRLS SCREAM AND BUCK WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER, BEGGING FOR THE TICKLING TO STOP, BUT THEIR TORMENTORS JUST SMIRK AT THEIR DESPERATE PLEADING WHILE CONTINUING TO TICKLE THEM WITHOUT A TRACE OF MERCY!

Heather, Elena, and Chie are all drenched in sweat and gasping for air from the extreme tickling, but its not over yet! Bianca and Storm tickle their feet until theyre completely wrecked. USING A COMBINATION OF THEIR NAILS AND FOUR HAIRBRUSHES AT THE SAME TIME, THE GIRLS CRUELLY TICKLE T0RTURE THEIR VICTIMS BARE FEET UNTIL THEYRE SCREAMING WITH AGONIZED LAUGHTER! Tickled into complete exhaustion, the girls are left strapped to the bed dripping with sweat, gasping for air, and relieved the tickling is finally over for now.

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