TickleMadeInItaly – Desiree’s Park Hysteria (full movie) REMASTERED

Our Desiree finds an adverstising that says in the new Luna Park there is an unbelievable show torture-based. She goes immediatle on location but soon she discovers the access is ruled by invitation only. She doesn't care about this "detail" so she searchs and finds a backdoor. She thinks that, in case she's discovered, nobody can do anything bad to her., so she gets in. Hidden in the dark the guardians catch her and, differently from the Desiree's idea, they bring her in the place where her torture will start soon… Desiree awakes tied to a scaffolding. Just after she realizes she's the main character of the scene, a couple of torturers enter in the room and immediately they start to tickle her side mercyless… At the beginning they just play with her, "warminging up" her for a couple of minutes, then they give her a ferocious and relentless tickle attack, lasting one entire minute. A on screen timer will witness this. After this Desiree is made lay on her back on a table, with hands and feet tied together pulled at the two extremities of the table. The torturers start to play with her, lightly tickling her by giant feathers, but very soon the heavy action starts! Desiree takes 3 "stints" (yes, the word comes from Formula1 because she really deserves it) of ferocious and uninterrupted tickle lasting, about a minute the first two, then 1m40s the third one. A on screen timer will witness this. Desiree is still laying on her back on a table, with hands and feet tied together pulled at the two extremities of the table. The torturers continue to play with her, tickling her lightly to her side and armpits. After a while they remove her shoes and white socks, and she's barefeet. They short tickle her but because she's too much agitated, they tie her big toes together.. At this time, with their victim completely immobilized, they pass to the heavy action with 5 "stints" of ferocious and uninterrupted tickle, lasting rispectively (about) 1m30s, 1m, 1m10s, amazing 2m05s and, at the end, 1m15s. A on screen timer will witness this. Desiree at this time is totally undressed, tied spread eagle stark naked, and completely esposed. The torturers then gently caress her, tickling and masturbating her, stimulating her nipples and clitoris, on a extenuating push-pull way. Fingers and vibrators are used. When Desiree is really "hot", a 2m25s dose of ferocious and uninterrupted tickle brings her back immediately on the hearth! Then, masturbation restarts… Now the torturers are masturbating Desiree, fingering or vibing her nipples and clitoris,. When Desiree is close to orgasm, a intense tickling lasting something ,ore than a minute brings her back immediately on the hearth!. Then, masturbation restarts… When Desiree is close to orgasm again, a heavy dosage tickling prevents her to cum. After this 3rd denied orgasm, the torturers masturbate her for long time, so after some time she's allowed to cum. But after this climax, the tortures still continue to masturbate her, relentless, so after time more she cums again. The climax ripped out from her body is so powerful that she stops the action with her safeword (it's the word "red") cause she's not even able to breath. But after few seconds rest, the masturbation restarts and she's forced to cum one more time, lefting her exhaust on the table. What better thing to submit her sensitive and exhaust body to a couple of minutes of delicate tickling? In this clip Desiree is immobilized on a stock, blindfolded, with her arms over her head, the ankles locked and also her big toes are tied to keep her feet blocked and on traction. During this last session the torturers, after exhausting Desiree with massive tickling dosage and 3 forced orgasm in row (as seen in the previous clips), just tickle her finished body anywhere, almost relentless. The torturers use their finger, but also brushes, electric toothbrushes and, at the end, a devastating dental-care hydrojet. So, after a short "warming up", a almost 2 minutes "stint" prepares her to the final run… a almost-no-stop tickling lasting 6m30s!!! It is useless to say that Desiree, at the end of this footage, was really proved by this experience! Full nudity with close-ups on this movie The single file is (about) 1 hour long long, and the action inside is about 5 minutes shorter. As usual multi-angle vision in widely used and, as per you request, it is left active for the more of the action. 

Video: DivX 5.x/6.x, 768×576,, 1174 kbps, 25.000 fps
Audio: 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3, 44100Hz, 128 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 1:02:46
Size: 588,885 Mb

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