TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – A bizarre foot tickling fantasy

Pamela & Ammalia come home to their apartment from their date and they sit down on the couch and take off their shoes and Pamela can’t resist to starts tickling Ammalias bare feet and soon the date turns into a tickle date and they’re both tickling each others feet trying to find the most ticklish spots on their feet and they giggle, soon Ammalia says she has a fantasy where she would be tickling Pamelas feet while she’s napping and Pamela thinks that’s a great idea and agrees to fulfill Ammalias fantasy and Ammalia is so happy that Pamela agreed, so Pamela goes to the bedroom and gets dressed for bed and gets under the covers and falls resting and starts to snore.

Once Ammalia starts hearing snoring coming from the bedroom she opens up the door to the bedroom and lifts up the covers and notices Pamela has socks on and Ammalia starts tickling Pamela’s socked feet while she’s snoring away, after a while Ammalia removes one of the socks little by little first tickling the heel then the sole and finally the toes and then Ammalia is removing the other sock in the same fashion and continues the tickling and also licks Pamela’s feet and swirling her tongue between her toes, while Pamela is snoring and flexing her feet and spreading her toes, and Ammalia is also using a different variety of feathers to tickle Pamela gliding the different feathers up and down the soles and in between the toes while Pamela is giggling and snoring and after the feathers Ammalia goes back to using her fingers to tickle Pamela’s feet and after a while Pamela wakes up and tries to handle the tickles but soon it’s too much for her and she starts laughing hysterically begging for the tickling to stop but Ammalia continues for a while and then stops the tickling. Pamela would like to tickle Ammalias feet as well and Ammalia tells her about another fantasy she has where somebody breaks into her apartment and tickles her feet while she rests and Pamela gets excited by the idea and Pamela gets dressed like a thief and is ready to do some roleplaying and tickle Ammalias feet and Ammalia gets into the bed and quickly falls resting and starts to snore and that’s when Pamela gets into the bedroom and lifts up the covers and can smell Ammalia’s sweaty bare feet and starts tickling her bare feet and the sweat makes Ammalias feet slippery and more ticklish than usual and Pamela loves that all while Ammalia is snoring away and flexing and scrunching up her feet and Pamela is using different tools to tickle Ammalia feet like feathers, a paint brush to get those ticklish toes, hairbrush on the soles and a toothbrush holding one foot in place while brushing the toothbrush back and forth along the soles and even getting in between the toes while Ammalia snores, giggles and talks in her rest and after the different tools Pamela tickles Ammalias feet with her fingers until Ammalia wakes up but tries to resist the tickling the best she can but after some time Ammalia can’t take no more and starts laughing hysterically begging for the tickling to stop but Pamela is still reoleplaying as the thief and won’t stop until Ammalia gives her some money and Ammalia finally has to give Pamela some oney because she can’t take it anymore and Pamela takes the money and gets out of the room and then comes back in without the mask and they both felt happy now when they havev tickled each other’s feet and the go to rest and snore and play footsies with each other.

Length: 48:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – A bizarre foot tickling fantasy

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