TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – An undercover spy who knows her stuff

Ammalia is back home, but there will be an unexpected surprise waiting for her: Pamela and Valerie attack her right on the front door, grabbing her from behind and covering her mouth so she doesn’t alarm the neighbors. When she recovers she is lying on the bed, her hands and feet are tied and she is wearing only her underwear. The two girls immediately reveal their plan: they want her jewels! Ammalia refuses to reveal where the jewels are and so the two start tickling her all over her body, concentrating on the soles of her feet, but also insisting on the sides and armpits, Ammalia squirms and tries to resist, but the two are decidedly skilled and the tickling soon becomes unbearable, the girl gives in and reveals where the jewels are hidden. While Pamela goes to get them, Valerie finally alone with Ammalia, reveals to her that she is an undercover spy, her real goal is to frame Pamela and this is the right opportunity: she frees Ammalia and convinces her to lend her a hand. As soon as Pamela returns, the two surprise her from behind by jumping on her and landing her on the bed. Soon it is Pamela who finds herself tied to the bed with her hands and feet blocked and she will now be the one to suffer from an exhausting tickling all over her body! It will be of little use to squirm because the knots are tight and the two girls don’t seem willing to stop tickling her!

Length: 30:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

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