TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – La giusta ripartizione – The fair distribution #2

Nothing ruins a family like a large inheritance! The distribution between the three sisters has not yet reached a conclusion, apparently Eleonore was not happy to divide the sum with her older step-sister Lady Maat, but rather preferred to take advantage of it and bond with her too. Here Maat and her little step-sister Numa find themselves tied on their stomachs while Eleonore blindfolds them and warns them that she does not intend to let them go until they have both signed the complete renunciation of the inheritance! The two are opposed, but soon Eleonore’s incessant tickling along their feet and beyond will make them change their minds. Tied up, blindfolded, with their soles well exposed and at the mercy of the hands and tools of the wicked Eleonore, it will be impossible for the two to tolerate this tickling for long! Eleonore will untie them just to allow them to sign the papers and thus secure the entire inheritance, but will she be good enough to untie them as she promised?

Length: 33:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – La giusta ripartizione – The fair distribution #2

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