TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Revenge for the rise!

Gisy invited Eve to stay after work to celebrate a big promotion she received for closing a sale on a very rich client. Gisy starts dangling her shoe while she continues to talk but she doesn’t know Eve has a foot fetish and a crush on her feet. It’s really teasing Eve. As Eve was leaving Gisy accidentally reveals she will be getting paid more than Eve. Gisy is on the phone with her legs crossed over. She starts dangling again exposing her soles under her desk. Eve sneaks in and crouches in front of Gisy’s desk and starts to lightly tickle Gisy’s feet. Gisy thought Eve left so the tickles on her soles confuse her but she can’t worry about it and pays no mind to it. The boss thinks Gisy is alone at the office. Eve is really enjoying herself making Gisy screw up during her phone call while watching her fight to stay focused. When the call finally ends Gisy tries to get up and see who it was. Gisy wakes up tied sitting in a chair with her hands tied behind her back, blindfolded with her right foot up on display. Eve reveals that it’s her and that she overheard Gisy say she’s getting paid more. Gisy tries to lie but it doesn’t work. Eve wants a raise but Gisy says that’s not up to her. Eve asks for the password to the payroll account so she can give herself a raise. Gisy refuses so Eve says ok and starts caressing and tickling her foot while still using the feather making the tickling worse. Eve is taunting Gisy while asking for the password. Gisy is laughing so hard she can’t talk straight. Eve ignores her pleas and begins lovingly tickling her crossed soles. Gisy can’t fight it she starts laughing really hard. Eve is so infatuated with Gisy’s feet she starts licking her soles lightly but quickly adding kisses and tickles making Gisy lose all composure she had left. She wants to talk now but can’t put words together. Gisy gives up the info right away. Eve comes back happy and decides to leave for real this time.

Length: 23:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Revenge for the rise!

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