TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Santa’s little helper

Elenore is santa’s little helper and has been assigned the task to punish the naughty families and make them believe in Christmas again. She breaks into Mayla, Daphne and Ammalia’s house, and hides under the bed. The younger step-sister Mayla enters the bedroom and is on the phone with her lover. She get into bed and her feet are sticking out from the covers and she tells him she can’t wait for him to play with her feet and even tickle her although she’s very ticklish. Elenore starts tickling Mayla’s feet while she’s on the phone with a small feather and the girl rubs and scratches her soles together. Mayla gets off the phone and starts to rest and snoring loudly while being tickled. All of a sudden Maylas’s step-sister Daphne enters the room and she’s been working out, she gets into bed with her shoes on and goes to rest and snoring loudly. Elenore comes out and removes the shoes and sniffs and tickles her sweaty soles. She removes Daphne’s sock and continues the tickling. As she tickles Daphne’s big sweaty feet Ammalia enters the bedroom and she’s talking to her boss on the phone. She tells her boss not to tickle her feet during their business meeting tomorrow even if secretly she hopes for him to sneak into her office and tickle her feet while she’s working because she loves it! Ammalia decides to rest with her shoes on making her feet extra sweaty for her boss, so he can really make her giggle tomorrow. Ammalia is snoring loudly and Elenore is tickling the tops of her feet, and Ammalia eventually starts shoeplaying and her high heels are dangling on her feet. Ammalia’s high heels are falling to the floor because of the tickling. The woman has one bare foot and the other foot has a nude stocking on it, and Elenore tests which foot is more ticklish, nylon or bare. Elenore then removes the nylon stocking so half of Ammalia’s barefoot is exposed while the stocking is dangling back and forth as she wiggles her toes. The little helper finally removes the entire stocking and she proceeds to glide a feather all along Mayla, Daphne, and Ammalia’s feet. All the ladies have different ticklish dreams, while Elenore uses different tickle tools to make them giggle while they snore loudly. They all cross their ankles and rub their feet together while the tickling continues with feathers and fingers. They eventually wake up and start giggling hysterically begging for no more tickles, but Elenore keeps going for a while to make sure they believe in Christmas again. Ammalia confesses she likes tickling on her feet and all the ladies agree to believe in Christmas again, Elenore leaves but Daphne and Mayla grabs Ammalia’s feet and tickles her until she can’t take no more! Then the girls fall resting again while snoring loudly and playing with each others feet making tickling dreams.

Length: 27:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Santa’s little helper

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