TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The captured vampire and her terrible revenge

Valerie, Lilith, Eleonore and Numa are vampire hunters, and they finally catch their prey: Madeline. She is tied up to the table, on her back and with toesties. Gagged and blindfolded, so she couldn’t use her mind control powers. The four huntresses arrive and start tickling her. They interrogate her to find out how and who made her a vampire ,and will use all their tickle tecniques to make her reveal: baby oil and all tickle tools at their disposal. After a while Lilith and Numa leave the room to get more baby oil and other tickle tools. Valerie and Eleonore takes advantage and makes an agreement with Madeline: if they set her free, she’ll make them vampires . Madeline agrees. When Valerie removes the gag and blindfold, Madeline uses her powers to take control of Valerie and Eleonore. When Lilith and Numa returns, they gets knocked out by Valerie and Eleonore. When they wake up, they are both tied to a table, on their stomachs, already toeties. Madeline explains to them that she could eliminate them immediately, but that she is in a playful mood. She orders Valerie and Eleonore to help her tickle them. After a while Madeline is bored and asks Valerie and Eleonore to gag and blindfold their victim. Then she orders them to tickle their feet in the most cruel way until the end. Madeline tickle them some more before leaving the room…

Length: 33:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The captured vampire and her terrible revenge

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