TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The Pajama Party Revenge

Elizabeth, Meryl and Laura are having a sleepover and Meryl and Laura are teasing Elizabeth about how ticklish her feet are, suddenly they both grab Elizabeths feet and starts to tickle them and Elizabeth laughs and begs them to stop tickling her and they finally stop and go to sleep. 
The next morning Elizabeth wakes up before everybody else and waits for the others to wake up but she gets bored on listening to the snoring of Meryl and Laura and she notice that Meryls foot is popping out from the sheet and Elizabeth gets an idea and starts to tickle Meryl’s bare foot but she just keeps on snoring and flex and wiggling her toes. Elizabeth lifts up the sheets so both of Meryl’s bare feet are visible and starts tickling both of her feet with her fingers and Meryl snores and giggles a little, then Elizabeth lifts up the sheets so Laura’s feet are visible, Laura has socks on so Elizabeth tickle her socked feet for a while but then removes them and Laura’s feet are sweaty because she slept with her socks on all night but Elizabeth does care it only make Laura’s feet more ticklish, first Elizabeth tickles her with her fingers and then starts gliding the feather on Laura’s soles and between her toes and Laura giggles and snores then Elizabeth starts to tickle both of them with her fingers and feathers and Meryl and Laura giggles and snores, when Elizabeth changes back to her fingers and tickles them a little more rough after a while they wake up and notice that Elizabeth is tickling them but they still act like they’re asleep to see how much tickling they can take Elizabeth tickles them more and more and Laura and Meryl tries not to laugh but sometimes giggles and snores because it tickles so much and after a couple of minutes they burst out laughing begging Elizabeth to stop but she continues for a while to teach them a lesson not to mess with her feet when that are ticklish as well but she finally stops and Laura and Meryl can finally get a rest from the tickling they agree that they deserved the tickling and promise not to tickle Elizabeth if she doesn’t want to. 

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