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Ivy who has signed up for a secret agent program comes home after a long day of secret agent training and they said she will pass if she can protect an item that they gave her and she thinks it’s going to be easy, but what she doesn’t know that there’s another secret agent hiding in her house who broke in before Ivy came home and she’s going to see just how tough Ivy is. Ivy then goes to the bedroom and hides the item she’s suppose to protect so nobody will find it gets dressed for the night and gets into bed and her feet are popping out from the covers while she goes through her phone, meanwhile the other agent sneaks in to the room and hides at the end of the bed where Ivy has her feet and the agent starts tickling Ivy’s feet while she’s on the phone and at first Ivy tries to ignore it and rubs her feet together but as the tickling continues she starts giggling and soon she wonders what is tickling her feet and the agent hides behind the bed and Ivy can’t see anything so she only puts on a pair of socks to protect her feet and then hides her feet under the covers and goes to sleep.
Once the agent starts hearing that Ivy is snoring she lifts up the covers and starts tickling Ivy’s socked feet and Ivy giggles and laughs while Jessica uses tickle talk and teases Ivy because she’s so ticklish and after some sock tickling Jessica removes one of the socks first and says now the socks can’t protect you tickles Ivy’s bare foot and Ivy giggles more from that and flexes and rubs her feet together and says no that tickles stop and Jessica continues to use tickle talk and says things like tickle tickle tickle and then starts tickling ivy’s toes and Ivy laughs more from that and it seems like Jessica find a spot that really drives ivy crazy and soon the other sock is removed and the finger tickling continues while Ivy snores and giggles and begs while Jessica uses tickle talk soon Jessica takes out a feather and starts gliding it slowly up and down ivy’s soles and between her toes while Ivy giggles after the feather Jessica uses her fingers again and after a while Ivy wakes up but tries to resist because she realizes this is a part of her training and she tries to convince Jessica that she’s asleep but still laughs because she’s so ticklish and Ivy does her best to resist the tickles but after a long time she explodes out with laughter and begs for the tickling to stop but of course the tickling continues and Jessica says tickle tickle tickle while ivy laughs hysterically and soon Jessica asks where the item is but Ivy refuses to tell her and the tickling continues and Jessica also uses the feather and remembers Ivy had really ticklish toes and she gives ivy one more chance to tell her where the item is but she refuses and Jessica says well you leave me no choice i know how to get you to talk and starts gliding the feather between Ivy’s toes and Ivy laughs and begs and says no not my toes anything but that they are so ticklish i can’t handle it but Jessica continues and soon Ivy gives up and tells Jessica where the item is and Jessica goes and gets it and then tells Ivy she passed the test because she could handle so much tickles and will become a secret agent and Ivy of course is very excited and Jessica congratulates Ivy and then leaves and Ivy goes back to sleep and you get a last one look at her feet while she snores.

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