TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Un aperitivo molto impegnativo – A demandig aperitif

While at work Ariane and Lily instead of working organize an aperitif with their friends for the evening. Eve, who is their boss, suddenly enters the room and gets very angry seeing that they are not working! Eve tells them that they can continue organizing the aperitif, she picks up the phone and hands it to the girls, telling them to call their friends while she tickles her feet. She gets down and focuses on Lily’s feet first and then Ariane’s! Encourages them to stay focused on calling their friends without getting distracted or laughing! Once the girls can no longer resist Eve offers her the opportunity not to lose her job if at least one of them undergoes a further test. Ariane offers herself! They move onto the sofa, Ariane lies on her stomach, legs crossed with her feet on the armrest and arms behind her head. Lily tells Ariane to stay still, eyes closed and lips sealed. Start stroking your armpits, then your hips. Eve instead devotes herself to the feet, caresses them and tries to put her fingers in the shoe. Gradually they increase in intensity. When Ariane can no longer resist they turn her on her stomach and Eve sits on top of her holding her feet steady by the heel, Lily tickles her feet. It’s really hard not to laugh now !!

Length: 29:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Un aperitivo molto impegnativo – A demandig aperitif

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