UKTickling – Amy Turns The Tables On Interrogator Jay – Custom

Now the captor becomes captured as Amy turns the tables and has interrogator Missy Jay bound, blindfold and ball-gagged in the stocks …and with toe-ties holding her feet in place, it is a truly awful predicament! Amy wants some answers about why she was targeted and she’s going to get them, using Jay’s own assistant to administer the punishment. Unfortunately for Jay she is unbearably ticklish and Amy is incredibly mean! She quizzes her as the tickling begins and Jay struggles to cope as her super-sensitive soles are punished. Amy enjoys making her suffer and can’t resist getting involved too, showing Jay that things get a lot worse! Amy tickles her bare soles hard and demands that her assistant does the same – making Jay squeal and thrash around wildly. She has her feet baby-oiled and for some intense tickling as the interrogation continues, while Amy really shows off her sadistic side. She removes the gag as she torments and taunts Missy Jay, questioning her all the time …but she gives nothing up and the tickling just gets harder. Soon, the brushes come out and Jay is in pieces as her super-ticklish soles are scrubbed by two at once! The blindfold comes off so Jay can see what is being done to her. It only makes it harder to take as Amy enjoys ramping up the punishment. Poor Jay suffers a relentless double-team tickle take-down that drives her nuts, begging and cursing through her hysterical laughter. She doesn’t give it up though and it seems she’s never getting out of this one. It doesn’t matter to Amy though as she’s clearly just enjoying making her suffer!

Length: 15:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Amy Turns The Tables On Interrogator Jay – Custom

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