UKTickling – Ayla Lick-Tickles Rachelle Until She Breaks!

Rachelle meets Ayla Sky once again in this hot custom as her sexy bare feet get lickled and tickled until she can’t take any more! Both Rachelle and Ayla’s tiny feet are unbearably sensitive and neither girl can stand them worshipped or lickled (see Ayla’s last clip for proof!) Ayla may not be able to take it but she doesn’t mind dishing it up and making Rachelle suffer. Rachelle starts off in trainers, socks and jeans with her feet bound to the Bull. Ayla taunts and teases about how she is going to break her, but Rachelle insists she is not going to crack. She has to try and hold out while Ayla removes her shoes and tickles her socked feet. Then she removes the socks and goes to work on her bare soles and toes. Ayla occasionally uses her nails on Rachelle’s bare feet but she mostly uses her tongue and teeth to drive her insane! Rachelle does her best to pretend it’s not bothering her but she can’t hold out for long and she goes from giggling to all out screaming and begging Ayla to stop! Ayla has plenty of fun sucking, licking, nibbling and tickling the hell out of Rachelle’s sensitive feet, whilst teasing her the whole time. Poor Rachelle almost has a breakdown by the end as Ayla furiously devours her super-sensitive feet! A very hot clip with a great view of all the action…if you love torturous lickling then you definitely won’t want to miss this!

Length: 13:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ayla Lick-Tickles Rachelle Until She Breaks!

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