UKTickling – Ayla Naked & Unbearably Ticklish On The Bull!

The amazing Ayla Sky gets a swift but torturous workout as she tries out the new bondage device, the ‘The Bull’ for the first time. This may be Ayla’s hottest outfit so far: fully naked except for some very sexy thigh-high boots! She starts off with her wrists cuffed and legs unbound. The boots are removed and she’s already jumping and squealing as she is teased with light tickles. It’s then time to strap her in…bound fully naked, with legs spread, Ayla is totally vulnerable and unbearably ticklish! She gets an intense tickle session. Her tiny bare feet are way too ticklish and her body is off the charts! Ayla is soon begging for a break as she squirms helplessly. Feathers are used on her toes and soles, teasing and tickling her super-sensitive nipples and body. Breaking out the brush has she Ayla pleading for light tickles but even that proves too much for her! She gets thoroughly tickled out of her mind in the final minutes, with incredible views of her sexy feet and amazing body as she thrashes wildly on the bench…it certainly does the job! A very hot scene – and she couldn’t wait to switch places and get her own back afterwards!

Length: 8:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ayla Naked & Unbearably Ticklish On The Bull!

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