UKTickling – Ayla Takes Down Super-Ticklish Amazon Jasmine – Custom

Tiny tickler Ayla Sky meets insanely ticklish Jasmine and sends her to tickle hell in this hot F/F custom…size is no obstacle to Ayla as she gets to grips with the 6’1 amazon and her super-ticklish big feet! Wearing hot lingerie and sheer stockings, Jasmine is strapped and cuffed to the Bull with her arms up and legs spread. Totally vulnerable in this position, she soon discovers that Ayla is a very good tickler and a merciless one too! Ayla’s nails have Jasmine squirming and laughing in no time as she teases her all over, before removing her heels and running her nails across her nylons soles. Jasmine goes nuts when Ayla tickles her body, poking her sides and armpits as she thrashes and howls with laughter! Ayla’s tiny tickling fingers work their magic on Jasmine’s big, super-ticklish nylon soles and she laughs until she is completely breathless. Ayla is only getting started though as she straddles her and makes her completely hysterical all over again, tickling all over her thighs and upperbody. Jasmine thrashes wildly nearly bouncing Ayla off but she’s unrelenting, tickling her sides, armpits, belly, neck, everywhere! She then turns around to tickle her thighs and feet, reaching back to tickle her body at the same time…she may be petite, but there’s no escaping Ayla! After punishing Jasmine’s stockinged soles some more, Ayla rips the nylons and has a lot of fun teasing and tickling her bare feet too. She tickles up and down her body some again until Jasmine is totally done. Ayla certainly isn’t done however, as she continues tickling her bare feet, then grabs the the baby oil and takes Jasmine to the next level! She massages it in and then really goes to town…r Jasmine can only laugh and squeal as Ayla’s fingers work their way in between her toes and her nails furiously punish her slippery soles! Ayla is having great fun driving Jasmine crazy but she has more in store for her as she breaks out the hairbrush to use on her oiled up soles too. She mixes it up, tickling with the brush and her nails at the same time and Jasmine can’t catch her breath through all the hysterical laughter! Finally, Ayla decides she’s had enough and she leaves a very sweaty Jasmine to recover after 17 long minutes of ruthless tickling – this one is intense!

Length: 17:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ayla Takes Down Super-Ticklish Amazon Jasmine – Custom

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