UKTickling – Ayla’s Insanely Ticklish Bare Feet Are Put To The Test

The amazing Ayla Sky gets tormented again in this long tickle custom! This time, she finds herself in the stocks as her insanely feet are put to the test – and she fails every time of course! Dressed as a hot secretary, Ayla goes into the stocks and has her heels removed to expose her tiny bare feet. She must hold her feet up and try not to laugh as they are tickled – each time she laughs, she will get tickled on her body too! The challenge begins with some extremely light touches on her feet, but still Ayla crumples very quickly and she’s soon squealing as her upper body is tickled! Her bare feet are tickled lightly with fingers, then feathers, then more intense tickling. Each time, Ayla cracks very quickly as her feet are unbearably ticklish, and she’s soon exhausted from all the punishment tickles! It gets worse still though, as baby lotion is added and poor Ayla is a mess as she tries unsuccessfully to fight the tickles. When the hairbrush comes out, it’s game over and Ayla’s begging for it to stop! It’s the end of the challenge, but not the tickling however, and now Ayla goes face-down on the bench as her cute little soles get mercilessly tormented. She laughs, squeals and flails around as her feet are pinned down and tickled for several minutes before her legs and ass are tickled too. Ayla can’t cope at all, and she loses it when her sides are tickled in the final minutes…there’s a lot of begging and pleading before the end of this one! It’s a long, intense, crazy custom – and a funny one too!

Length: 20:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ayla’s Insanely Ticklish Bare Feet Are Put To The Test

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