UKTickling – Cherry’s Nails Make Rhianna Completely Hysterical!

Cherry makes an incredibly cute ticklee but it turns out she's a pretty mischeivous tickler too! She enjoys the opportunity to be on the other side and she has Rhianna as an unbearably ticklish victim. It was Rhianna's first visit for a long while, so she was hyper-sensitive after not being tickled for such a long time…Cherry's nails are extremely effective and they turn poor Rhianna to jelly in this one! Wearing a cute outfit with heels and sheer pantyhose, Rhianna is cuffed in the chair with her feet in the stocks. Cherry focuses mainly on her super-ticklish feet as she starts off lightly stroking and teasing them through her heels. Rhianna completely loses it in no time at all. She kicks, struggles and shrieks with laughter as Cherry's nails torment her nylon feet…she's only just getting started though and it's much worse when the shoes come off! We had to strap Rhianna's legs down and even tie the heavy table down as she nearly kicked it across the floor during her violent struggles. Cherry then has a lot of fun driving Rhianna crazy. She finds her most ticklish spots, getting her teasing fingers right under her toes, as Rhianna tries to scrunch them up and pull away! She holds each foot and slowly runs her long nails up and down as Rhianna screams and squeals. After several long, torturous minutes of foot tickling, Rhianna is breathless and exhausted. Cherry moves up to tease and tickle her body a little too, running her fingers over her exposed armpits and grabbing her waist and ribs. Rhianna is soon thrashing and laughing like crazy once more but it's her feet that really get it in this one and with a playful grin, Cherry tickles them some more. She tickles her through the nylons and then rips the pantyhose to get Rhianna's bare soles and toes too. Rhianna really can't handle Cherry's nails on her bare feet and Cherry has to fight to get to her toes! She's a persistent tickler though and she manages to make Rhianna hysterical once again. As she holds her feet and runs her nails over her bare soles, it all gets too much and Rhianna pleads with her to stop. It's a shame Rhianna wasn't able to get her own back afterwards as Cherry really got her good!

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Download – Cherry's Nails Make Rhianna Completely Hysterical!

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