UKTickling – Coco Has Fun With Angelina’s Insanely Ticklish Body

Angelina gets tickled again in another very crazy custom, this time focusing entirely on her body! Angelina's body is her most ticklish spot (especially her armpits) and this time the gorgeous Coco is recruited to tickle her out of her mind…and she really does! Standing with her arms cuffed overhead, Angelina looks hot in tight jeans and a tied up shirt. Coco's wicked nails soon have her screaming and laughing her head off as she starts tickling her helpless torso. She starts off lightly teasing her all over, running her nails from her arms to her exposed belly and midriff. Angelina struggles and squeals as Coco builds it up, focusing on each spot…she can't believe how ticklish Angelina's body is and how crazy she becomes! Coco stands behind her and reaches around to tickle Angelina all over her body before slowly unbuttoning her shirt to expose her big boobs. Angelina's nipples are super-ticklish too as Coco teasingly tickles them before running her nails all over her body once more! She goes to town with her long nails on Angelina's rock-hard abs, squeezes her sides and gets fingers right into her armpits as a sweaty Angelina becomes completely hysterical. Coco kneels down to tickle her exposed front more easily and spends some more time teasing her sensitive boobs. Angelina howls and laughs, especially in the final minutes as Coco gets up close to really torture her poor underarms! She's a great tickler and has a lot of fun devastating Angelina's hot body!

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