UKTickling – Emma Gets Mummified For Some Intense Foot Tickling!

Gorgeous Emma Green gets mummified and tickled into complete hysterics in this hot hot foot tickle scene! Wearing only sheer nylons and some revealing heels, Emma is tightly wrapped from shoulders to ankles with her amazing boobs exposed. She is strapped down on her back and already giggling as her heels start to come off and her sheer nylon feet are tickled. Emma laughs as her feet are teased and tickled lightly to start with and then building up. She soon starts to lose it as the tickling becomes more intense and the brush is used on her nylon soles! Her super-ticklish toes get a lot of attention too as it drives her crazy and Emma is reduced to hysterical laughter in no time. She can’t pull her feet away and so all Emma can do laugh, squeal and swear as the tickling continues. The electric toothbrush is very effective on her toes also, but the fingers and the hairbrush get into a complete state and Emma laughs until she can’t breathe anymore and we have to let her catch her breath! The nylons are ripped and the second half of the scene focuses on her smooth, sexy bare feet, which prove just as ticklish if not more so. Emma is hysterical again as her soles and toes get an intense tickling and she goes into bouts of silent laughter. Baby lotion is added and Emma is giggling and squirming even as it is rubbed into her feet. Once the tickling really begins though, poor Emma has no chance. The lotion makes her feet unbearably ticklish and they get some relentless tickling over several minutes, with fingers first and then the brush. Even light touches with the hairbrush make Emma jump and squeal, and she nearly goes through the roof as it goes to work on her lotioned soles! She laughs until she really can’t cope anymore…Emma’s feet really are crazily-ticklish!

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Download – Emma Gets Mummified For Some Intense Foot Tickling!

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