UKTickling – Emma Gets The Reading Challenge & A Naked Tickle Forfeit

Sexy Emma Green gets the reading challenge for the first time! Emma must try to read a full magazine article from start to finish without stopping, whilst having her feet tickled under the desk. Each time she stops reading or breaks down, she loses a round and must start again and she has four goes to complete it. If she fails all four rounds then she fails the challenge and gets the forfeit – she will be stripped out of her clothes and stretched out for 6 minutes of continuous tickling! Emma's feet are her most ticklish spot so this is a tough one for her. Wearing a sexy outfit with sheer stockings and heels, Emma has her wrists and ankles bound at the desk and the challenge begins. She starts reading and is soon breaking down and laughing like crazy as her nylon feet are tickled through her heels. The shoes come off as she struggles to carry on reading through her laughter, and eventually she fails the first round! The challenge continues and Emma doesn't last so long over the next three rounds as the brush and electric toothbrush are also used on her nylon feet, as she kicks and stamps her feet trying to get away. She ends up in hysterics on the last round as she tries to carry on reading whilst laughing and ends up talking gibberish! She fails the challenge and it's time for the forfeit as Emma is stripped down to her stockings and cuffed on her back. The timer starts and she is squirming before the tickling begins. Her boobs jiggle and she squeals and laughs as her armpits get tickled first…all she can do is laugh and kick her legs as her sexy body gets a mean tickling! The ticklish spot on her ribs drives her crazy once again as does the tickling on her sexy feet. The hairbrush is unbearable for her and it gets worse as the stockings are ripped and her bare soles and toes are tickled too! Emma gets even more tickling on her body and then her feet as we lose track of time and keep going well past the six minute mark. No wonder she's so shattered by the end of it!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1280×720,, 5064 kbps,  fps
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Duration: 14:32.802
Size: 533,663 Mb

Download – Emma Gets The Reading Challenge & A Naked Tickle Forfeit

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