UKTickling – Hannah’s Tickle Lickle Payback Is Hell For Rachelle Too!

It’s Hannah’s turn for payback, and now she has 12 minutes to get her revenge on Rachelle! With Rachelle stretched out and cuffed on her back, Hannah goes to work on her unbearably ticklish feet and body. Rachelle is extremely ticklish everywhere of course, but to make things easier for Hannah, we tipped her off about Rachelle’s weak spots – her sides and her toes…we also mentioned how Rachelle can’t handle having her toes licked and sucked! With this in mind, Hannah soon has Rachelle screaming, squealing and jerking around hysterically as she tickles her cute little nylon feet, using her nails all over her sheer soles and under her toes. Rachelle goes crazy when Hannah uses her tongue to tease and tickle her sexy feet, sucking her toes and tickling at the same time! She moves up her legs to tickle her upperbody, running her nails over Rachelle’s exposed mid-riff and down her armpits. Rachelle laughs and squirms but when Hannah squeezes her sides, she completely loses it thrashing around wildly and screaming with laughter. Hannah returns to torment her feet some more, ripping the nylons to get at her bare feet too. Poor Rachelle is shaking and shuddering as Hannah’s tongue works over her sensitive toes and she sucks and tickles her bare soles and toes at the same time! The usually submissive Hannah’s mean side is definitely coming out in this one as she alternates between Rachelle’s feet and body, focusing on her worst spots and having a lot of fun making her suffer! It’s a long and torturous 12 minutes for Rachelle but as the time runs out, Hannah’s fingers and tongue are doing such a great job on Rachelle’s bare feet that we had to let her carry on a little longer…she most definitely got her own back by the end of this one and she leaves Rachelle speechless!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1280×720,, 5064 kbps,  fps
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Duration: 13:11.053
Size: 490,107 Mb

Download – Hannah’s Tickle Lickle Payback Is Hell For Rachelle Too!

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