UKTickling – Honour Is Spread For Tickle-Torture In Socks, Nylons & Barefeet – Custom

Gorgeous Honour May gets bound to the bed, stripped and tickled out of her mind in this incredibly hot custom! Honour is tickled from head to foot in sheer stockings, fluffy socks and finally bare feet…and they all drive her crazy. She starts out wearing a fluffy jumper and gloves with sheer nude stockings as she is bound spread-eagle on her back. It’s been a while since she was last tickled and Honour is super-ticklish everywhere! Her sheer nylon feet and legs are very sensitive, but her body is even worse as she squeals and struggles, flailing around helplessly! Her top is pulled up and exposing her hot naked body to the tickles. Honour’s nipples and breasts prove the most ticklish spot this time and she laughs and squeals like crazy whenever they’re tickled! After the first five minutes, Honour is released to perform a little striptease as she removes the sweater, gloves and stockings, teasing as she shows off her amazing curves and cute barefeet. She then puts on some socks and fluffy slipper boots before being spread out and bound to he bed again – this time on her front. The boots come straight off as Honour’s socked feet get a thorough tickling and her amazing naked ass jiggles from side to side as she struggles and wriggles. The socks then come off leaving Honour fully nude as her bare soles are tickled using her own gloves! They work great in between her sensitive toes as she shrieks and laughs once more. Her body proves super-ticklish once again and she laughs, squirms and writhes around with her exposed ass jerking sexily in the air! Her sides, belly, thighs and ass are all tickled in this position…it’s pleasure and torture at times – it leaves Honour a little exhausted and a little happy too!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1920×1080, 13461 kbps

Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 48000Hz, 192 kbps CBR

Duration: 16:26.168

Size: 1 466,655 Mb

Download – Honour Is Spread For Tickle-Torture In Socks, Nylons & Barefeet – Custom

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