UKTickling – Keira Enjoys Giving Sophia Her 17 Minute Tickle Forfeit!

Keira now has her chance to get her own back with Sophia and she has 17 minutes to make her suffer! With her shoes off, Sophia is spreadeagle on her back and fully at Keira's mercy. It's Keira's first turn at tickling someone else and she loves every minute of it! She makes great use of her nails as she slowly torments Sophia from head to toe, starting with her pantyhosed legs. Keira has her screaming and laughing like crazy and she moves around her whole body, finding every ticklish spot – including her inner thighs, which drive Sophia mad! Keira tickles her nylon feet, teasing with her nails, and goes up and down her legs, making Sophia jump and squeal under her fingers. She has a great time teasing Sophia and being as mean as she likes, laughing as she repeatedly grabs her sides and armpits! This is Sophia's longest tickle session yet and she has soon had enough but carries on and on. Keira doesn't get bored though as she moves around Sophia's body, continually discovering new tickle spots that make her scream and beg…she slowly runs her fingers over her exposed belly, and repeatedly returns to her hips, thighs and groin area as it makes Sophia completely hysterical! 12 minutes in and still with a further 5 minutes to go, Keira rips the nylons and tickles Sophia's barefeet, running her nails over them and teasing her toes. She then clambers all over her as she tickles her thighs and upperbody again until the end. Sophia is completely done for by the time this one's over – Keira turned out to be a fantastic tickler and a toal teaser!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1280×720,, 6114 kbps,  fps
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Duration: 18:19.064
Size: 819,965 Mb

Download – Keira Enjoys Giving Sophia Her 17 Minute Tickle Forfeit!

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