UKTickling – Lauren’s Nails On Rachelle’s Ticklish Body & Feet

Rachelle's super-ticklish body and feet are the subject of another hot custom this week, as she has second encounter with Lauren-Louise and her long nails! This time, the petite cutie finds herself stretched out on her back in a little top and shorts with her bare feet and body looking dangerously vulnerable! Lauren enters and shows her long nails to a nervous Rachelle, telling her that she's going to use them on her. She then moves down to her cute little feet and begins tickling. Rachelle laughs, squirms and occasionally squeals and shrieks as Lauren's nails stroke her soles and toes. She pokes in between Rachelle's sensitive toes and drives her crazy as she laughs at her predicament! She then holds on to each foot to give it some more intense tickling before moving onto her body. Rachelle is already squirming and writhing as Lauren's fingers hover above her! After a few teasing pokes to her bare belly and waist, Rachelle is already cracking up. Lauren torments her, running her nails over her body and occasionally grabbing her sides to really make her jump and scream! Finally, Lauren's fingers move further up to torture Rachelle's armpits and neck. Leaning over her, she grins at Rachelle as she struggles beneath her long fingers. Lauren enjoys toying with her and keeps going until she's satisfied that Rachelle's finally had enough. This one is playful, but the tickling is always torture for Rachelle! 

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1920×1080,, 12418 kbps,  fps
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Duration: 14:17.357
Size: 1 259,982 Mb

Download – Lauren's Nails On Rachelle's Ticklish Body & Feet

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