UKTickling – Louise Turns The Tables On Interrogator Liz – Custom

Once again, the tables turn and this time interrogator Liz Rainbow awakens to find herself in the stocks! With her interrogator at her mercy and looking shocked and stunned, Louise wants some answers as well as some revenge! Louise taunts Liz as she starts out tickling her body, poking her sides and underarms before moving on to her feet. Liz tries to put up a tough front but she can’t help laughing as Louise’s nails tease her body and feet. She removes the heels to expose Liz’s incredible bare soles which are then toe-tied for Louise to play with. Liz shouts and protests loudly in between squeals and giggles while Louise’s nails stroke her soles and tease her toes, whilst she is sure to surprise her with frequent body tickles too! She adds the blindfold and is clearly having a lot of fun making Liz jump with surprise attacks as she tickles her feet with the brush as well! She laughs, squeals, pleads and almost kicks the stocks to the floor a couple of times! Still resisting and refusing to answer any questions, she instead begs her punisher to come and rescue her…little does Liz know that he’s already switched sides however! Her sexy bare soles now gets tickled by two at once in the final minutes while she goes totally crazy. Louise is having way too much fun here – maybe she doesn’t really want the information after all!

Length: 12:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Louise Turns The Tables On Interrogator Liz – Custom

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