UKTickling – Rachelle Returns For A Serious Tickle Session!

The insanely ticklish Rachelle Summers makes a long-awaited return, and it’s a wild one! Lockdowns and other work meant that UK Tickling favourite Rachelle has been away for two years. The long period without any tickling doesn’t help her in this one however, as it only makes her more sensitive when she’s bound and tickled out of her mind! Looking hot in a cute retro outfit with a brown mini, shirt, sheer nude pantyhose and heels, Rachelle is cuffed and strapped on the Mule for the first time. She’s soon wriggling, writhing and squealing as her cute little feet are teased and tickled through her heels. The heels then come off and it’s not long before Rachelle totally crumbles! Her nylon feet are unbearably ticklish and Rachelle makes some crazy faces as she tries to fight it. The body tickles have an electrifying effect on her though as she shrieks and thrashes wildly – even lifting the Mule off the ground! Her tiny size 3 feet get a thorough workout, with lots of attention on her super-sensitive toes of course. Then, with more body tickles, her top is unbuttoned to expose her amazing boobs as she struggles and flails around! Finally, the brush comes out and Rachelle is definitely not ready to face it again…she is completely hysterical as her nylon feet are teased and tormented with the brush before the tights are ripped and her bare feet are punished too. She laughs, squeals, screams and even swears as her feet get several minutes of punishment – the brush really pushes her over the edge every time! It’s her body that receives all of the focus in the final minutes however, and Rachelle is dreading it. The sides are Rachelle’s worst spot and she is ridiculously ticklish there she goes totally nuts as her sides, belly, armpits and thighs get totally worked over before the end of this one. It’s exhausting to watch and Rachelle is unsurprisingly breathless by the end. She really had forgotten just how ticklish she is!

Length: 14:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Rachelle Returns For A Serious Tickle Session!

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