UKTickling – Rachelle’s Challenge What’s Tickling My Feet

Rachelle's super-sensitive nylon and barefeet are tormented in this custom tickle challenge!

Blindfolded and bound, Rachelle will have her nyon feet tickled with three different objects and must try to guess what each one is. If she gets it wrong, or hesitates too long she will fail the round and get sixty seconds of intense tickling on her nylon feet. At the end, Rachelle will get a final, continuous foot tickling forfeit. The length of the forfeit will be two minutes for each round that she fails!

Wearing jeans over sheer tan nylons and a little vest top, Rachelle has her ankles tightly cuffed to the table. She's a little nervous about this one as the blindfold is added and the challenge begins! She gets the three rounds and her cute nylon feet are tickled with each object in turn for 30 seconds at a time. The first is a key, followed by a screw and finally a fork. Rachelle jerks and giggles as her soles and toes are gently teased with each object and she tries to guess at the end of each round…unfortunately for her, she keeps getting it wrong, meaning she gets a further minute of tickling each time! Rachelle squirms, squeals and her arms flail around hopelessly as her nylon feet are tickled and she's already had enough by the end of the challenge. Things are only getting started however, as she has now has to face the final tickle forfeit! Having failed all three rounds, Rachelle is now due a total six minutes of non-stop foot tickling punisment, and she is not looking forward to it! The timer begins and the tickling starts once more. This time Rachelle's feet get intensely tickled and the blindfold makes it more unbearable for Rachelle – she goes crazy when the brush is used! The electric toothbrush makes her squeal and scream too, especially when it buzzes over her hyper-sensitive toes. After four minutes, the nylons are ripped and her amazing, soft bare soles get tickled for the remaining two minutes – except we lost track of time and she ends up getting a little longer! Her barefeet are tickled with fingers, brush and the electric toothbrush, and poor Rachelle is completely devastated by the end. A crazy challenge that was almost too much for her to handle!

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Download – Rachelle's Challenge What's Tickling My Feet

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