UKTickling – Rose Is Mummified & Tickled Crazy!

Super-cute redhead Rose returns and gets mummified for a very crazy foot tickle session! The Polish teen was a little surprised to be getting plastic wrapped and strapped down, and it was an experience she won’t forget in a hurry! Rose starts out mummified on her back with only her head, boobs and nylon feet exposed. She’s soon giggling as her exposed nylon soles are tickled and teased. This scene starts off mild and gets considerably more intense as it goes along and the tickling gets harder! Rose starts to crack up when the hairbrush is used on her sensitive nylon soles, and when the pantyhose are ripped, her bare feet prove even more ticklish! Rose laughs like crazy as her sexy bare feet are tormented with fingers and the brush, before adding baby lotion. This makes it more intense still and Rose is laughing and pleading as the brush is used again on her slippery soles! Things only get worse for Rose however, as she is flipped face-down for the final minutes and her exposed soles are lotioned up once more. Unable to see what’s happening, Rose really loses it as her feet get thoroughly punished. Despite her size, Rose proves stronger than she looks as she struggles and squeals with laughter, whilst struggling to get away! She puts up quite a fight and has to have her ankles pinned down tight as she kicks frantically, laughs and pleads until the end. A very cute crazy scene with some amazing reactions from Rose!

Length: 13:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Rose Is Mummified & Tickled Crazy!

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