UKTickling – Roxee Suffers Under Sophia’s Nails!

Crazy-ticklish Roxee Couture gets a full workout from expert tickler Sophia Smith in the first part of this hot F/F scene! Sophia has just her nails done and they are super-ticklish as Roxee soon discovers when they are working over her sensitive soles! The ladies both look very hot in sexy office outfits with sheer pantyhose and heels. Roxee is cuffed to the Bull with her feet in the stocks and totally vulnerable for Sophia to have some fun. Unfortunately for Roxee, Sophia has tickled her once before and knows all her weak spots so it’s a mean tickle session from start to finish. Removing her heels, Sophia reduces Roxee to hysterical laughter in no time as her long nails tickle her nylon soles. She makes sure to get into Roxee’s long toes as well, driving her completely mad. Roxee laughs, squeals and swears continuously, which only makes it more fun for Sophia and she has a great time teasing, tormenting and tickling her non-stop! Sophia gives her feet a break to focus on the body too, using her long nails on Roxee’s sides and exposed underarms. Everything drives Roxee mad, although Sophia does always manage to find the best bits! She rips the tights and gives her sexy bare soles and toes some attention too – even discovering that her left foot is extra-sensitive before the end! She has a great time, making Roxee suffer but little did she know how bad the payback would be …Roxee’s nails are even longer and sharper, and Sophia’s in for the tickling of her life! (coming soon)

Length: 11:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roxee Suffers Under Sophia’s Nails!

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