UKTickling – Roxy’s Sheer Tickle Hell!

Another crazy-ticklish newcomer! Gorgeous Roxy Richie looks incredibly hot as she makes her debut and gets tickled out of her mind – and out of her sheer nylon catsuit too! Roxy’s curves look incredible in a skin-tight, full bodysuit. Cuffed and strapped to the Bull, she soon discovers that the sheer nylon only makes her even more ticklish and for her, this is bad news! She’s soon laughing, writhing and squirming as her nylon feet are tickled. Before long, she’s getting hot, sweaty and breathless but it soon gets a whole lot worse! Roxy’s feet and legs are extremely ticklish but her armpits are way off the charts. She goes completely crazy as her sides, belly, underarms and boobs are tichrieking, swearing and struggling wildly to get away. Poor Roxy genuinely believes she’s about to pee – and she very nearly does! The bodysuit makes her whole body slippery and unbearably ticklish but it’s eventually ripped open to expose her naked body and amazing boobs. Unfortunately for Roxy, this doesn’t make it any more bearable as her bare armpits are insanely ticklish too! Returning to her feet, the hairbrush has Roxy in fits of hysterical laughter and again the nylon is ripped to expose her cute little (size 3) bare feet! Her bare toes are another weak spot and they get teased and tickled. The brush drives her mad and baby lotion only makes things worse for her as it is massaged into her sensitive toes and soles before an intense tickle finale! Roxy is very fiesty and she tries to put up a fight throughout, but it doesn’t go well for her and she gets the tickling of her life in this one…she’s a dominant character though and needless to say she got her own back later!

Length: 15:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roxy’s Sheer Tickle Hell!

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