UKTickling – Sheer Nylon Torment For Sophia’s Hot Body & Feet!

The amazing Sophia Smith makes a long awaited return visit to UK Tickling in this hot, sheer-nylon full-body tickle scene! Sophia wears a very tight see-through nylon dress, with stockings and heels. She looks hotter than ever and the material makes her super-ticklish too so it’s a definite win! She is cuffed and strapped to the mule with arms up and legs in front of her. Her sexy nylon feet are teased and tickled through the heels to begin with as she laughs, squirms and occasionally shrieks! It’s been a long while since Sophia was last tickled and she does not like it one bit…especially when her thighs and armpits are tickled too. Sophia protests very loudly as she is tickled from head to foot. She gets a prolonged upperbody tickling as her sides and underarms prove very sensitive through the sheer nylon dress. She squeals and laughs, thrashes around and even tries to bite a couple of times! Her nylon feet are the focus for the remainder of the clip and you get a great view of her sexy sheer soles as they are alternately tickled with fingers and the brush, while Sophia continues to fight and protest through her squeals! It’s a short but crazy scene which leaves Sophia more than a little hot and bothered. She couldn’t wait to get her own back later – and she most definitely did (coming soon!)

Length: 9:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sheer Nylon Torment For Sophia’s Hot Body & Feet!

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