UKTickling – Tammy Gets Her Hands On Rachelle’s Sensitive Toes!

Now the shoe's on the other foot, or not at all in fact as Rachelle finds herself cuffed and helpless with her heels removed! Tammy gets some payback and with Rachelle's feet at her mercy, she can do what she likes. Tammy loves feet and can't wait to get her hands on Rachelle's cute little toes and soles – and not just her hands! It's poor Rachelle's worst nightmare as Tammy torments her tootsies with her fingers and tongue throughout this one. Tammy loves every minute of it though and she teases and coos at Rachelle she plays with her toes. She starts out with gentle tickles, running her nails all over Rachelle's sheer nylon feet. Rachelle squirms and scrunches her feet up. She hates having her toes touched and she screws up her face and screams when Tammy teases them! Tammy runs her nails over her soles and the tops of her feet. With Rachelle unable to pull away, she is also free to worship her sexy little feet though and she enjoys sucking and licking her toes. Rachelle can't cope with it at all but Tammy just carries on teasing her as she kisses and licks her nylon feet. She increases the intensity, managing to fit half of Rachelle's foot into her mouth as she continues to tickle with her nails too! It's pure hell for Rachelle and it only gets worse when Tammy rips the nylons and gently teases her bare feet too. She teases each of her toes in turn, tickling and even nibbling them! Rachelle squeals and finds it completely unbearable when Tammy's tongue slips between her toes. Tammy pokes and torments her feet, realising that the toes are a weak spot, and Rachelle doesn't know whether to laugh or cry – she ends up doing both! It's not just about the feet though and Rachelle's catsuit is peeled down to expose her gorgeous body to Tammy's tickling fingers. She laughs hysterically as Tammy tickles her naked sides and armpits, making her flail around frantically. Tammy alternates between her super-tickly mid-section and her unbearably ticklish toes in the final minutes, teasing her all the time. Pay-back really is a bitch…it's almost too much for Rachelle!

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