UKTickling – Zora Is A Merciless Tickler!

The tables are turned and now it’s Missy Jay in the stocks, and time for Zora to get her own back…it’s her first time as tickler and Jay is not expecting what happens next! Quiet Zora turns out to be an absolutely merciless tickler and she just goes to town on Jay’s feet! Jay goes nuts as Zora’s long nails start tickling her nylon feet and she’s losing it before her shoes are even off. It only goes downhill for Jay from there onwards as Zora gives her a furious tickling, relentlessly punishing her nylon feet. Zora is a natural tickler it really brings out her sadistic side. She watches Jay’s reactions, giggling at her as she frantically squirms, thrashes and begs! Poor Jay is absolutely breathless in no time but Zora does not give her any breaks – she just keeps tickling her out of her mind! She rips the nylons and punishes Jay’s sensitive bare soles too, and then moves up to her legs and body. Jay thrashes wildly whilst Zora has fun tickling her all over, getting right in her face as she tickles her armpits, sides, belly, neck…everywhere! Returning to the feet, the toe-ties go on for the final minutes as Zora attacks her helpless soles and toes once more, making her squeal and shout…the last 10 seconds are brutal! Jay is left sweaty and exhausted after this one – Zora is one crazy tickler!

Length: 16:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Zora Is A Merciless Tickler!

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