WorshipTheWolfe – Janira, You Can’t Wear My Shoes

Janira and Izzy Wolfe have just finished getting ready to go out for the night, and meet in their living room.  Izzy sees that Janira is wearing her shoes, and tells her she is not allowed to wear them.  Janira is annoyed, because she always lets Izzy borrow her things, and refuses to take off the shoes.  Izzy REALLY does not like it when other people wear her shoes…especially her SISTER, so she grabs Janira's arm, pulls it behind her back, and won't let go!  Janira struggles, surprised by her sister's erratic behavior, but cannot get free of Izzy's grip.  Izzy throws Janira to the floor, and again grabs her arm and twists it behind her back, demanding she take off the shoes.  Finally, Janira gives in, and removes the shoes.  But Izzy is still not over it.  She wants to make sure Janira learns never to wear her things again, so she does the one thing she knows will teach her sister that lesson…tickles her feet!  Janira hysterically laughs and begs her sister to stop tickling her feet, promising never to wear her shoes again.  Izzy tricks Janira into thinking she's finished with her, but instead ties Janira's ankles together, and continues tickling her feet while holding her arms behind her back until she is 100% certain that Janira has learned her lesson.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 12028 kbps, 59.941 fps
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Duration: 9:28.050
Size: 823,084 Mb

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