ZenTickling – Edith’s Vegas Foot Tickling Fun

Now it is Edith’s turn to be wrapped up in the red suit, with her ankles bound to a bench with bondage tape. Minnie and Harley are not veteran ticklers, but it is very fun to watch them learn as different tools/techniques cause Edith to react. The find that the electric toothbrush is extremely effective, as is alternating between light/hard tickles. Edith giggles and squirms but there’s no hiding the face that she absolutely loves these two girls fondling her feet. Minnie and Harley use feathers, brushes, and fingertips all over Edith’s soles. Zen pops in at the end to cause Edith to totally lose control.

Length: 8:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Edith’s Vegas Foot Tickling Fun

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