RandomSoleEncounters – PRIVATE STASH- Elle’s -Hold The Cash- $100 Tickle Challenge!

Here is another one from the private stash. This one has been sitting on my phone for months now. Never planned to release it but Elle said it was cool so here it is for all of you.

This quick tickle clip features Elle taking the “Hold The Cash” tickle challenge. We shot this pretty late one night, Elle had been using my computer to edit some videos for school and I thought why not get some tickling in while she was here!

The challenge is simple. 5 rounds, she could win $20 in each round. $100 total if she wins every attempt. All she has to do is hold a $20 bill between her big toes while I tickle her feet. Simple enough, right? Not when your feet are as ticklish as Elle’s.

How did she do? How much did she win? You’ll have to watch it to find out!

Length: 3:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – PRIVATE STASH- Elle’s -Hold The Cash- $100 Tickle Challenge!

RandomSoleEncounters – PRIVATE STASH #2- The $100 Don’t Laugh Challenge!

Another clip from my personal private stash. How do I like spend a boring Sunday afternoon? With some tickling!

Luna had her friend Vanessa hanging out so I decided to put her fingers to use and have some F/F tickling fun.

A simple challenge:

Luna has her very ticklish feet tickled and can’t laugh. If she can hold in her laughter she wins $100 but if Vanessa can get her to break into laughter 3 times then Vanessa will get the $100. Can she do it?

Length: 3:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – PRIVATE STASH #2- The $100 Don’t Laugh Challenge!

RandomSoleEncounters – My Step-Sister’s Surprise Tickling- 100% SpontaneousCandid Tickling!

This is a candid, unplanned clip that I almost missed shooting!

My step-sister was visiting for the holidays when she came over to ring in the new year with Luna and I. We spent most of the evening hanging out, drinking & playing random games.

As the night rolled on, Luna came up with the brilliant idea to play the “burrito game”. What is the burrito game? Well, you roll someone up in a blanket and see how long it takes them to get free.

Luna went first to demonstrate, quickly broke free of the blankets and told my step-sister it was her turn. As my step-sister was being rolled up in the blanket, Luna quietly wiggled her fingers at me to let me know her true intentions! I quickly jumped to action and ran to grab a camera!

I was able to get back and set a camera up just as the action started. Apologies in advance, the camera isn’t perfectly framed but this was completely spontaneous.

Once my step-sister is rolled up tight, Luna lays on the bed and wraps her legs around my step-sister to keep her stuck in the blanket. Her barefeet exposed and right in Luna’s face, she wastes no time in digging her fingers into my sisters feet. You can hear the ticklish surprise laughter as she tries to get away but is completely stuck!

Lots of verbal teasing between the two as Luna really gets her good! I’m glad I was able to capture it for you all to see!

Length: 3:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – My Step-Sister’s Surprise Tickling- 100% SpontaneousCandid Tickling!

PleasureTickles – Yago Tickling

Yago will show her tickler side in this clip again, a male tickler with strong fingers and Priscila tied and without escape, hot M/F tickling scenes, Priscila will be blindfolded and Yago will continue the tickles attack on the Priscila’s body, she is very ticklish on her sides, armpits, legs…and Yago is doing the girl to laughs a lot…Priscila asks Yago to stop and he say only if his get a blowjob from the girl, Priscila agrees and start to suck Yago’s dick, the guy wants to have an orgasm, at the final Yago will put her dick between Priscila’s breasts and he will ejaculate on her, hot and very exciting scenes

Length: 31:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Yago Tickling

PleasureTickles – Hugo Tickling

Hugo is his first time as the tickler, the victim is sexy Milly, he finds the hot blond girl tied on the bed and the tickles session on her armpits, sides, legs and feet begins, Milly is a very ticklish girl but tickled by a man she seems more sensitive and will show great tickling reactions in this film, hot scenes with Hugo licking Milly’s armpits to provoke intense tickling sensations on her, Hugo knows how to be a tickler too

Length: 32:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hugo Tickling

PleasureTickles – Fernanda’s Feet

Our sexy redhead Fernanda is very ticklish, she is tied on a chair, big feet tied up, large and very sensitive soles, a guy comes to tickle her with her hands and a purple feather, delicious reactions and sexy laughters, another hot tickling shoot

Length: 10:04
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Fernanda’s Feet

PleasureTickles – Fernanda Wrapped

Now very ticklish Fernanda is wrapped in a sheet and the tickler comes to tickle her extremely sensitive feet, with his hands and with a purple feather again, he will get hot reactions and sexy laughters from Fernanda, another delicious tickling action

Length: 10:12
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Fernanda Wrapped