RussianGirlsInFetish – My yoga teacher has a tickling fetish

After her first yoga lesson that has ended up with a pleasant belly button worship, Samantha has been extremely excited to proceed her exercises with Olivia. She wonders what surprises await her at their second meeting. It all starts in quite an innocent way: Olivia shows some poses to Samantha and asks her student to repeat them. However, her task contains a spicy detail: she wants to test Samantha’s ability to hold these poses while being tickled. Samantha is a bit amazed but at the same time aroused so she agrees to try. Firstly, she does a downward-facing doggy position. Olivia begins to gently tickle her student’s sides and armpits. Although her movements are quite sensual, Samantha still can’t manage to hold the pose. Olivia acts like she is disappointed. On the contrary, she gets happy that she has a chance to tickle Samantha more. The teacher then commands the girl to lay down on her belly and arch her back so that her torso is above the ground. Olivia’s fingers tenderly run all over Samantha’s sides, ribs and armpits. She even touches Samantha’s tits paying attention to her nipples that playfully poke through the fabric of the student’s top. Samantha gets pleasantly surprised. She starts to breathe heavily but succeeds to hold the position. Satisfied, Olivia asks the girl to stand up with her hands above her head and one leg bend at a knee and held up. That done, Samantha’s sides get attacked by Olivia’s fingers again. It’s hard for the student to balance on one leg and she almost falls down leaning on the teacher. Olivia tells her that the following exercise should be performed on a bed and to complete it she should strip herself. Despite the shock, Samantha agrees. Once the naked girl is on the bed, Olivia suddenly starts fixing her hands and legs with ropes. The teacher convinces her student that she can hold the position easier with the help of restraints. After that, all the body of the naked Samantha gets sensually tickled. Armpits and sides, breasts and nipples, arms belly, legs and, of course, soles – Olivia pays attention to every little spot. Samantha wriggles and laughs adorably. The lesson definitely brings excellent results!

Length: 24:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

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RussianGirlsInFetish – Push the tickling limit

Polly is extremely ticklish, which is why Sonya loves to tickle her so much. She is stronger, so she is able to overcome Polly, fixing her in various positions. This time Sonya securely tied Polly to the cross, then on all fours to the wooden stuff, and to the bed in the spread eagle pose. In each of these positions, she will find all of Polly’s most sensitive spots, even using oil, which will make Polly even more sensitive. Sonya will squeeze all the juices out of her friend! The girls speak Russian, but English subtitles are included in the video.

Length: 44:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

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RussianGirlsInFetish – Tickling of the Tight hogtied girl

Sangini loves to be tied up, and Kalahari does it best of all. He is her partner, in His ropes she becomes incredibly receptive, sensual. It excites her to be at His mercy. This time He will not only bind her tightly, placing her in the most helpless position, but will also tickle her, trying to find her most sensitive places. Feet, soles, ribs, armpits, nipples… Sangini can’t resist in any way – it excites her wildly!

Length: 21:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling of the Tight hogtied girl

RandomSoleEncounters – Goth’s Tender Soles Get Tickled and She Gets Turned On!

Chanel (20) is a very talented comic illustrator, she’s especially good in Anime and Manga style art. She has a goth style, she’s always in black clothes and boots which is unfortunate because you never get to see her feet. I’ve been lucky enough to see her barefoot a handful of times and she has amazing feet with baby soft soles (size 8.5-9)

Chanel is very soft spoken which makes people think that she is quiet and shy. But she isn’t at all once you get to know her. When I told her about my fetish videos she didn’t bat an eye. She’s very openminded and told me that not only had she been tied up before but she really enjoys it. I asked if she’d ever been tied and tickled, she told me never but that it sounded like it could be fun.

Length: 10:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Goth’s Tender Soles Get Tickled and She Gets Turned On!

RandomSoleEncounters – Queen Dalvina is Tickled by her Step-Mom! – Double Team Tickling

Queen Dalvina is back where it all started for another tickling session!

Check out her 1st ever-tickling video HERE

This time, Dalvina’s step-mom came with her to the shoot to see what it was all about. So, we couldn’t just let her sit and watch…she had to join in on the tickling! And she was more than happy to participate!

The first order of business is that we told Dalvina’s step-mom that she needed to have a “stage name” so she came up with Bianca Bell. Next was getting the Queen in the stocks!

Once locked in Bianca and I remove Queen Dalvina’s shoes and socks. Bianca wasn’t sure exactly what to do or how to tickle so I teach her some tickling techniques on her poor step-daughter Dalvina’s ticklish feet.

Bianca seems like a natural tickler and has a bit of a mean streak when it comes to tickling Dalvina!

If you’ve never seen Queen Dalvina tickled, you’re in for a treat. She’s very ticklish and on this day seemed to be extra ticklish (it was a while since she’d done a tickling shoot so her feet had a chance to rest) this ended up being bad news for her!

Bianca and I dish out some intense tickling on the Queen’s poor soles and get her to use her safeword – ‘pineapple’ – multiple times!

Dalvina thought it would be fun to have her step-mom Bianca tickle her but after a few minutes, I think she changed her mind and thought it was a bad idea! Bianca didn’t take it easy on her (she may have been even more mean than I was!)

This is a great, fun, and intense tickling clip. A very “behind-the-scenes” feel to it.

And don’t worry, Queen Dalvina get her revenge in a future clip!


Length: 17:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Queen Dalvina is Tickled by her Step-Mom! – Double Team Tickling

RandomSoleEncounters – That was intense! – Newbie Nicole’s Frantic Foot Tickling Audition

Say hello to Nicole! She’s been a model since she was young but is a newbie to fetish modeling. Nicole was introduced to me by another model, she told me she was looking to gain more experience and exposure to fetish work. When we filmed this scene, Nicole had only done a few shoots prior and was still “getting her feet wet.”

When talking to her about setting up a test shoot/audition she told me that she was “pretty ticklish.” I’ve learned that the phrase “pretty ticklish” can mean a lot of different things. I’ve had some models tell me this and they give me nothing more than a giggle. Then other “pretty ticklish” models erupt with laughter at the lightest touch. In other words, I had no idea what I was getting with Nicole…but I was eager to find out!

We met up on Nicole’s day off. She works as a waitress so is on her feet a lot. She has big size 9’s with long toes. I mentioned her long toes while putting her in the toe-ties and she was surprised by it. She told me no one has ever told her that before and didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing. This entire interaction along with other behind-the-scenes conversations is included at the start of the clip!

For her audition, I decided to test out all my different tickle tools on Nicole’s soles. It doesn’t take long to realize that Nicole’s description of “pretty ticklish” isn’t accurate at all. She’s not pretty ticklish, she’s hysterically ticklish!!!

There are points where I thought she would actually flip the massage table over as she was laughing and bucking around frantically. Luckily these stocks have her locked up securely so she has nowhere to go!

Watching Nicole’s reaction to each new tickle tool is a real treat. She is surprised by the ticklish sensations of many of the tools, all of them get great ticklish reactions from her! I really make sure to give Nicole the full foot-tickling experience and push the limits with her getting her to tell me to stop multiple times!

There is a lot of playful conversation during this and fun to watch Nicole try to talk to me as I tickle her but she’s unable to get the words out and only laughs!

When we’re finished Nicole tells me “That was intense!” much more intense than she thought it would be! Luckily I didn’t scare her off and she’ll be back for more soon!

Length: 13:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – That was intense! – Newbie Nicole’s Frantic Foot Tickling Audition

RandomSoleEncounters – Tickled For A Discount! – Spontaneous Foot Tickling!

Recently, I’ve started renting out my studio to other photographers who need commercial space to shoot. Flo (27, 5’0, size 6 shoe) is a model who was traveling through my area for a few days and contacted me about using my studio while she was in town, she was looking for a “home base” of sorts where she could meet with local photographers and shoot with them.

She dropped by the next day to take a tour. Flo is very cute and petite with an outgoing personality. Naturally, I had to take a quick look at her feet, luckily she was wearing sandals and I could see Flo’s feet were just as cute as the rest of her.

While showing her around, we talked about the type of modeling she does and what shoots she had lined up. This conversation allowed me to bring up my “funny shoots” that involve tickling (I make sure to not say the word fetish immediately when bringing up my shoots to models).

It turns out I didn’t need to be that discreet because Flo knows all about fetish modeling. Even better, she doesn’t think it’s strange at all!

After we finished up the tour, Flo decided she wanted to rent the space for a couple of days. She asked if there were any discounts for multiple-day rentals. I told her how much I could discount but then told her I could take even more off if she was open to shooting with me. Flo thought that was a great idea and asked what type of shoot I had in mind.

I suggested that since she didn’t think fetish modeling was strange, we should do a foot tickling shoot. Flo laughed and said she didn’t expect me to ask that! Then she asked how much of a discount it would be (that let me know she was very open to doing it). I gave her a very good rate and she was more than happy with it.

But, I told her there was one catch…

Flo would need to do the shoot right now! Since she would need to pay in advance to book the studio time, I would need to give the discount at the time of payment (that’s not really true, I could’ve just reimbursed her but I wanted to get her tickled right on the spot).

Flo told me she wasn’t in “model mode”, she had very little make-up on and her hair wasn’t done. She was actually on her way to get her hair done right after this appointment. But I insisted it was all fine and we would need to do a quick tickle shoot right then. Flo had a friend with her and seemed a bit hesitant to do a tickling shoot right in front of her good pal. But her friend said, “It’s a good deal, go for it!”.

Flo told me she needed to be finished within 45 minutes, I told her that wouldn’t be a problem.

So here it is, Flo getting her ankles strapped down totally spontaneously. She had no idea she’d be getting tickled when she came to rent a studio! Her friend even sat in and watched the entire thing!

Flo has beautiful, soft soles that are begging to be tickled. I use a few new tools one gets a surprisingly good reaction from her. Flo gets more ticklish as it goes on. I think she gets over the nervousness and the unexpected situation she’s been put in.

Flo was a fun model that definitely needs to be tickled more!

Length: 7:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickled For A Discount! – Spontaneous Foot Tickling!