TKLCLAWS – Autumn Bodell – Autumn Meets Tklclaws Pt I

The first time I saw Autumn was in a tickle video she did about 9 years ago, and I’ve been a fan ever since. I finally got the opportunity to tickle her, and it was every I’d hoped it would be. The one thing that attracted me to her more than anything was her beautiful laugh. Her laugh is literally like music to my ears, and she is extremely ticklish on every inch of her body, even her neck is crazy ticklish.

Duration: 10:09.525
Size: 209,646 Mb

Download – Autumn Bodell – Autumn Meets Tklclaws Pt I

TickleNail – Tickle punishment for socks stealer Larissa

Larissa has been caught once again in Barbara’s socks, she told her not to steal socks from her but she didn’t listen so Barbara is going to take another approach – tickle punishment! Knowing just how Larissa is sensitive to tickles she will teach her once and for all not to touch her socks and make her promise threaten with tickles of course. Barbara uses her long nails, the claw, and a toothbrush to tickle Larissa’s ticklish feet and she will enjoy every second of it while Larissa struggles, resist taking the socks off, and even grabbing the toothbrush with her toes, but nothing can save her now.

Duration: 7:39.320
Size: 453,827 Mb

Download – Tickle punishment for socks stealer Larissa

TickleNail – Hyper ticklish bigfoot Hailie

Barbara tickles tied up Hailie with her long fingernails and the claw. First she takes of her white sneakers and tickles her over socks after the socks come off and oil comes on to this big hyper ticklish feet making Hailie laugh like crazy.

Duration: 6:16.461
Size: 370,178 Mb

Download – Hyper ticklish bigfoot Hailie

TickleNail – Big ticklish feet tickled – Huanita

Huanita is nervous even before the tickling starts as she knows how this will play out, especially that she hasn’t been tickled in a while. Her big feet are her biggest ticklish weakness and Barbara knows that and will enjoy tickling her first over her cheetah print socks, which Huanita explained after the clip are the worst(read best haha) as they are not the same thickness throughout making the tickles worse. Then Barbaratakes them off, but Huanita does not let her socks without a hard struggle, she holds on to her last sock like struggling for her dear life until Barbara uses her long fingernails to make the sock come flying out of her toe grip. Now that her big feet are exposed, Barbara pours oil on them and tickles them with her fingernails, the claw, and a toothbrush for that hard to reach spot between her long toes making Huanita go crazy. Huanita tries to distract Barbara by talking and her wild ideas to let her go but it is useless her feet must be tickled and tickled hard!

Duration: 6:43.298
Size: 399,857 Mb

Download – Big ticklish feet tickled – Huanita

SlammCreations – Yana and Fightbabe Robin – She?s So, So, So Sorry!

The previous day, Yana ticklishly tormented her lovely girlfriend, Robin. And now, Robin will have her revenge! Dressed in her favorite leopard bikini, Yana is bound in an inescapable leather hogtie, combining leather mittens strapped to each hand and then locked to a leather bondage belt snugly around Yana’s waist. The mittens are then locked to the leather cuffs tight around Yana’s ankles. With her fingers securely inside of the mittens, there’s no way Yana can use them to open the locks. She’s trapped, securely hogtied with her sexy, scantily clad body and bare feet available for Robin’s ticklish revenge! She’s already begging for mercy: “Robin, I’m so, so so sorry! I didn’t mean it…” Robin climbs onto the bed next to the helpless Yana, teasing her with the keys to the locks and her freedom right there, but outside of her grasp. Robin immediately moves to Yana’s ticklish soles while Yana tries desperately to deflect what’s coming. “Remember what you did to me? Maybe I can refresh your memory” as Robin’s fingers dance upon Yana’s ticklish soles. Yana jumps and squirms in ticklish agony, just from a mere touch of Robin’s fingers! It’s the start of a long afternoon of tickling, teasing and begging. Yana hates it, and pleads for Robin to stop! In addition to Yana’s ticklish feet, Robin caresses Yana’s hips, armpits and even her earlobes; each time causing Yana to buck and squirm, fruitlessly trying to escape Robin’s revenge. Finally, Robin settles in, wrapping Yana’s legs in a tight yoga hold with Yana’s super sensitive soles right in front of her, ready to be tickled for hours. Yana begs Robin, but it does no good as the tickling begins again. It might never stop…Yana presents some sexy struggles trying to get away from Robin’s ministrations, with lots of close-ups of her and her lovely bound, bare feet!

Duration: 13:05.549
Size: 875,403 Mb

Download – Yana and Fightbabe Robin – She?s So, So, So Sorry!

SlammCreations – Kristiana and Francesca Le – Francesca’s Payback

Bikini-clad Francesca is sitting on the couch waiting for Kristiana to return from her shoot with Steve. Earlier, Kristiana stole the shoot that Francesca was scheduled for by tying her up and tickling her.  Now, Kristiana has returned, saying she’s sorry and how the shoot was lame. Francesca pounces on Kristiana, pinning her down and producing leather straps and starts binding Kristiana! “I can’t believe you did that to me! And you know how cute I think Steve is!” Francesca says.After strapping Kristiana’s hands behind her, Francesca begins tickling Kristiana’s armpits and ribs…Kristiana is very ticklish, and immediately begins laughing and squirming. “I’m sorry!” Kristiana wails. Francesca uses her strong legs to hold and attack Kristiana’s perfect feet and soles with her tickling fingertips, forcing even more laughs and begging from the helpless woman. Francesca now binds Kristiana in more straps, including a devious toe binder to trap Kristiana’s ticklish feet even more. Kristiana giggles, screams and begs for Francesca to stop. But Francesca has so many sensitive targets to attack now – feet, knees, neck and ribs. Kristiana can’t escape – she’s sure sorry now that she stole her friend’s gig! Francesca is the perfect tickling tormenter, and Kristiana has the super sexy husky voiced laughter. Both women are off-the-scale hot, and show off their hard bodies in sexy bikinis.

Duration: 9:26.242
Size: 645,467 Mb

Download – Kristiana and Francesca Le – Francesca’s Payback

SlammCreations – Hollywould and Hurricane Havana – Havana’s Tickling Revenge

Hollywould tickled the hell out of Sabrina Havana earlier when Havana allowed Holly to tie her up.  But now, it’s HER turn to do the tickling! Holly is bound to the bed with leather cuffs, straps and padlocks. Holly says that unlike Sabrina, she’s not ticklish.  Sabrina slowly explores Holly’s tummy and ribs until she gets Holly laughing. Despite her earlier statements, Holly is very ticklish, and Sabrina dives in with enthusiasm! Sabrina’s slow tickling of Holly’s bare feet and legs drives her wild, especially forcing Holly to jump, laugh and squirm by raking her sharp fingernails along Holly’s sensitive soles!  Holly taunts Sabrina about not being as ticklish as Sabrina, to which Sabrina answers using various props to tickle Holly even harder. A pair of chopsticks really drives Holly wild when used on her feet.  Then Sabrina tightens Holly’s straps, so she’s even more helpless, and produces not one but TWO electric toothbrushes and really goes to town on Holly’s knees and soles, driving Holly into hysterics.  Revenge is sweet! A super fun-filled tickling situation for Sabrina and Holly!  Both ladies are barefoot in bikinis.

Duration: 18:47.564
Size: 1 330,186 Mb

Download – Hollywould and Hurricane Havana – Havana’s Tickling Revenge