CaliLogan – Belly Button Tickle Fun

Cadence Lux is getting tied to the bed by Hannah Perez and she says “Oh come on.. do we really have to torment me?” Hannah tells Cadence that she believes she does and that she especially has to attack her belly button. Hannah begins to tickle Cadence’s belly button and she tells Hannah that it is so ticklish. She begins laughing as Hannah tickles and licks her belly button. Hannah wants to know what the problem is. Cadence tells her that it is even more ticklish when it is wet. Hannah said she will make sure to do that again. Hannah then raspberries Cadence’s belly button. Cadence doesn’t know how she feels about it, it’s confusing to her but she thinks it is funny nonetheless. Hannah continues to attack Cadence’s belly button all the while. Until it’s her turn to be tied to the bed and Cadence gets to have her way with Hannah’s belly button.

Cadence is ready to have her go at Hannah’s belly button. Hannah hopes it isn’t to ticklish. Cadence wets her finger and Hannah sees that she is getting right into it. Cadence licks Hannah’s cute little belly button. Hannah gets to the point where she tells Cadence that she thinks her belly button is pretty worn out. But that doesn’t stop Cadence from giving it a little more tickle time. It is so sensitive but Cadence has her fun while Hannah regrets showing this to her. Laughing all the while. Cadence knows Hannah had more fun when she was the one doing the tickling.

Length: 20:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

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BrokenShellFantasies – Tricked Into Tickles

“Kendra all flustered confides with Akira about her fears of being controlled. Akira sits down Kendra and grabs her by the chin and begins speaking in a sensually mesmerizing voice.

Akira: “Look into my eyes…”

Kendra begins to fall under her spell, as she continues to have her cheeks squished with both hands, and stare into Akira’s eyes as she stands over her

Akira: “Don’t worry (Akira lean’s down and kisses Kendra on her forehead while still squishing her cheeks), I’ll take care of you. Just continue to look into my eyes and listen to the sound of my voice, for you will soon be spell bound and completely under my control. Just trust in me and it will all be okay. Do you trust in me, don’t you?”

Kendra with a faint sounding voice, talking through her squished lips

Kendra: I trust you…

Akira: “That’s right my dear. Going forward, you are going to call me your mistress, is that understood?”

Kendra: “Yes, mistress…”

Akira: “There’s a good girl. Now your mistress can’t decide if she wants you to worship her feet or if she should tickle yours, what do you think?

Kendra: “My feet…feet are sooo…sooo ticklish…”

Akira, still grinning and squishing Kendra’s cheeks, leans down to get close to her face. Akira kisses Kendra on the lips, and puts her hand under Kendra’s chin, and helps her stand up, and continues to hold her chin as they exit the room, and the scene ends.

Kendra is out on the bed, tied up with her feet exposed and tied together. Akira sits next to her and squishes her cheeks with one hand to wake her up. Kendra wakes up, is no longer under Akira’s spell, and is confused/scared as to what happened to her.

Kendra: “What’s going on?! What did you do to me?! Why am I tied up?!”

Akira gets up and moves to Kendra’s feet, still standing, slaps her soles with both hands and begins playing with them

Akira: “Well, you were really upset, so I decided to spell bound you so we could have a little bit of fun. I just wanted to cheer you up!”

Kendra: “But why did you tie me up?”

Akira then gets on her knees, so she’s faced to face with Kendra’s soles.

Akira: “Because I’m going to tickle your feet silly head!”

Akira begins tickling Kendra’s feet with her bare hands, but eventually adds baby oil to her soles, and uses a brush for several minutes. Thrashing and laughing uncontrollably, Kendra suffers through being tickled in her most sensitive spot- her bare soles! After she’s finished tickling her feet, Akira then goes to sit on Kendra’s lap facing her, and squishes her cheeks with both hands one last time.”

Length: 16:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

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BrokenShellFantasies – Scarlett Venom Foot Tickled To Cum

After a very tiring day at work where she stands all day long in a mall, Scarlett finally relaxes at home and her most awaited time of the day is here! Waiting, you are all prepared for your steamy foot-massage session. This beauty positions her silky, pink soft soles towards you as he puts a massage oil on both sides. Scarlett breathes deeply in pleasure upon the first few strokes of your fingers. You start slowly caressing each foot in an up and down motion as the lube creates a smooth texture for extra sensation. Softly tickling both of her soles, gently gliding your fingers up, until you reach her smooth toes. You sensually rubs your fingers in a circular motion and in between, going back to her soles. Scarlett can’t help but giggle and squirm as you grab, press, and put some pressure on her feet. Scarlett almost runs out of breath as she gives an outburst of sexy giggles. The extremely tingling sensation makes Scarlett burst into massive pleasure. Surely, she cannot wait to go to work and be back home again for a foot-massage session with you!

Length: 12:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

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BrokenShellFantasies – Pussy Tickling Misty & Maria

Making Misty and Maria hold their legs wide open in the air, Akira dances her fresh sharp nails across their sensitive skin in a teasing, tickling manner… “Can you feel the quivering of your butt holes? Are you gonna tell me what I want to know, or not? I’m gonna tickle your pussy and butthole until you scream out your secrets to me.” Akira tells the girls, as they start to shriek and shiver in ticklish delight. Akira has freshly sharpened nails, that makes the feeling extra satisfying and tickling! “How does it feel that you could not protest or do anything to make me stop? I’m gonna tickle you all day long if you do not spill it out.” With Misty and Maria’s legs stretched out in midair, that just only gives Akira the free pass to tickle and squish their pussies out ‘til they squirm in extreme pleasure and humiliation! “Flex those soft, long legs of yours so I could caress it all I want! You surely are fucked…”

Length: 11:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

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BrokenShellFantasies – Foot Tickling Lola To Cum

In a stunning silver bikini and cotton candy cuffs wrapped around her elegant ankles- Lola lays on the couch with her sensitive scrumptious soles propped up and exposed for you. Dripping babyoil over her soles, you warm up her sensations with a sensual massage, making her moan. Before she has a chance to realize what you are up to, you slip your fingernail under the curl of her toes and start to wiggle and tickle. Giggling, she tries to waistband the tickling. After massaging again for a while, this time you sneak in a comb right between her toes. Eyes widening with shock, Lola hollers and laughs hysterically from her ticklish little toes. Thrashing around, Lola starts to get confused as you mix pleasurable massages with treacherous tickles. Before long Lola is curling her toes in ecstasy as she climaxes in a confusing tickling sensation!

Length: 16:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

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UKTickling – Louise 9

Length: 3:52
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Louise 9

UKTickling – Elle Pharrell 4

Length: 6:13
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Elle Pharrell 4