SimplyTickling – Kalesie’s Kneeling Tied Tickles with Rachel Adams

Kalesies turn! and we really let her have it. Kalesie is tied up while kneeling on the bed and Rachel Adams starts tickling her, starting lightly on her barefeet and working her way up her legs to Kalesie’s belly, sides, and armpits. Kalesie laughs and squeals and complains that there is no where for her to hide her ticklish spots as Rachel has alot of fun. At the end I join in, Teasing Kalesie by saying “I’m coming to tickle you!” then I tickle her from behind while Rachel tickles the front of Kalesie’s thighs and belly. Kalesie goes crazy and breaks out of the ropes so we have her hold the frame while we tickle her harder!

Length: 7:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kalesie’s Kneeling Tied Tickles with Rachel Adams

SimplyTickling – Kalesie’s Arms Tied Armpits and Belly Tickled By Rachel Adams

Kalesie’s turn to have her arms tied up to the bedframe and Rachel Adams is going to have fun tickling Kalesie silly for the 1st time. Rachel has sharp nails and is a very light tickler, spidering and tracing little circles in Kalesie’s bare armpits before squeezing down her ribs and sides to her belly. Kalesie’s bare belly also gets alot of attention from Rachels ticklish nails, Tracing around her bellybutton, lightly up her sides before digging into the really ticklish rib spot Kalesie has.All while I was having fun tickling her feet. Kalesie is hysterically laughing and yelling the entire time, being suprised on how much it tickles!

Length: 8:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kalesie’s Arms Tied Armpits and Belly Tickled By Rachel Adams

RoseFetishGarden – Two Hookers Tricked! MFF

Libertine has hired Macy Nikole and Rose Holland for the night and they think it will just be regular sex. Libertine starts off by ordering them to kiss and play with there tits. Libertine then asks if he can tie them up and they reluctantly say yes, but warn him they’ll have to charge more. He ties them face down side by side on the bed in their panties. He then proceeds to tickle them which makes the girls both scared and confused. They are both really ticklish and Libertine gives them a through tickling with his fingers and various toys. We’ll he let Rose and Macy go? Buy the clip to find out and this clip was a fun custom clip commission. If you are interested in commissioning your own custom email me and Macy Nikole lives in the same state as I.

Length: 14:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Two Hookers Tricked! MFF

RoseFetishGarden – Tied to Chair Tickle Time! MF

Rose has her ankles tied to the arms of a chair and her wrists attached via cuffs to the legs. Rose is wearing a tee-shirt, denim shorts, black leather Keds, and black sock liners. Libertine is sitting down in the chair watching a movie and he proceeds to remove Rose’s shoes one foot at a time. He slowly tickles her feet and then her socks come off. He eventually stops the movie, so he can give his full attention on her soft sensitive size 10 feet. This clip has a face cam showing Rose’s face as she laughs and has some closer up shots of her feet getting tickled. Enjoy!

Length: 14:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tied to Chair Tickle Time! MF

RoseFetishGarden – Tickling the Curator’s Wife POV MF

This clip was a fun role-play POV custom and if you are interested in commissioning your own custom email me.

Rose has just come home from work and changed into a t-shirt, khaki shorts and left her feet bare in leather slippers. Rose’s husband works for a museum restoring and archiving old artifacts that would be part of a dungeon display, and the neighbor’s step-son who attends the local college asked to come over for a school project to get some hands on experience with some of the Medieval artifacts. Rose agreed to having him over and has already lead him down to the basement, shows him a flogger, and then shows him the wooden bondage table. The young man notices the stocks and Rose explains the stocks to him. She playfully asks him if he would like to test them out? He says yes and then we cut to him getting out of the stocks. Then he asks if Rose wants to get in them and she is very hesitant at first. He eggs her on until she finally agrees and he puts her in them. Rose struggles for a bit to show she can’t escape. He asks if he can take pictures for his project and she says yes. As he’s doing so he thanks her for helping him out and remarks that the stocks are the coolest out of all the stuff she has showed him. Rose gives him a raised eyebrow and he, noticing, just says that it’s the most interesting since it has the longest history of use. Rose decides to tease him and says that he just likes that she is all locked up at his mercy. He tells Rose to cut it out. Rose giggles and asks him what’s wrong? He laughs and says enough. Rose tells him she thinks she struck a nerve. He looks Rose up and down and notices that her slippers are dangling for her toes from her earlier struggling. He then points out that she is, indeed, locked up and at his mercy, so he walks up to the front of the stocks, places his index finger on the heel of her left slipper and flicks it upward sending the slipper flying off. Rose yells out hey. He reaches down again and does the same thing to Rose’s other slipper. She tells him to put your slippers back on. That is when he starts to tickle Rose’s feet. He finds both a feather and a paint brush and uses those to tickle her feet as well. Will the young college student let Rose out of the stocks? Buy the clip to find out.

Length: 16:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling the Curator’s Wife POV MF

RoseFetishGarden – KimChi’s Ticklerobics MF

Sexy crazy ticklish Asian model KimChi is drenched in sweat from an extensive jog around the block. She arrives home to relax, only to be caught off guard by an unwelcome visitor. A hooded man sneaks up behind her and sends her into dreamland. She awakens immobilized in a pair of stocks with her arms stretched high above her head, exposing her sweaty armpits, and her toes tied. She’s completely nude with articles of her exercise clothing lying around on the floor. The hooded man, really a deranged serial tickler, arrives and wastes no time rubbing oil on KimChi’s sweaty soles and sending her to tickle town. He mercilessly tickles her soles and between her toes with his fingers, driving her mad as she struggles bound and helpless. He then moves behind her and slowly rubs oil in her armpits for a brief moment. The serial tickler teases her more, seemingly having found her most ticklish spot. KimChi is tickled into absolute hysteria and submission as the serial tickler attacks her very ticklish and vulnerable armpits. If KimChi’s work out from before wore her down, this surely will. Will she ever escape the ticklish madness? This clip description was written by the client who commissioned this awesome custom. If you’d like your own custom write me.

Length: 9:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – KimChi’s Ticklerobics MF

RandomSoleEncounters – Runway Model’s First Time Tickled – Big Ticklish Feet!!!

I met Hayley (24, 5’10, size 10 -10.5 shoe) at a party of a mutual friend last year, she is very outgoing and energetic, always the life of the party. Hayley gets told all the time that she looks like a young Winona Ryder (I think she looks like a mix of Winona Ryder and Daisy Ridley).

Hayley works as a fashion and runway model, agency represented, she has worked all over the world for major companies.

She has ideas for some photoshoots that she wants to collaborate on with me but we live in separate states so working out our schedules has been a problem.

I talked to her about shooting a foot modeling or tickling video but she told me that she is incredibly insecure about her feet, she thinks they are too big and ugly. She also told me she was extremely ticklish and gets when tickled! I let her know that just makes me want to tickle her more!!!

A few weeks ago, Hayley let me know that she would be in my area for work and wanted to get together before she headed home. We were able to coordinate our schedules and meet up for a few shoots.

Part of our agreement was that I would shoot the content she wanted if she would do a foot modeling and tickling shoot for me. Hayley told me she was very nervous about being tickled.

The clip starts off with Hayley locked in the stocks. You can tell she is nervous but tries to put on a brave face.

I use a feather, fingers, hairbrush, the electric flosser and oiled up soles to tickle her sensitive soles.

Hayley has extremely ticklish big feet and a great laugh! She really struggles and tries to get away, it’s a good thing I had her locked in stocks or I may have been kicked at some point. She wasn’t lying about being ticklish!

I’m hoping to get her back for some customs in the next few months, I will post at the top of the store when that happens!


Length: 11:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Runway Model’s First Time Tickled – Big Ticklish Feet!!!