LaPrincesasTickling – Mariangel Full Control Series – Celestina

Mariangel is back with another absolutely wonderful new ticklee. Celestina is another one of Mariangel friends, like all the others she was curious about trying out this concept. She just turned 21 years old before her visit.

Mariangel doesn’t have to do much with this cutie, because she’s all smiles and laughs and she realizes that there’s not much she can do as Mariangel owrks her armpits and sides over and over again.

Once Mariagel puts her long yellow finger nails under those super cute size 6 soles of Celestina, the level of ticklishness rises a little more for our new venezuelan sweet heart.

This senorita is a 10 on the sexy level and she’s and 8 on the ticklish scale with a beautiful genuine laugh 🙂

Duration: 5:01.101
Size: 721,577 Mb

Download – Mariangel Full Control Series – Celestina

LaPrincesasTickling – Mariangel Full Control Series – Carolina

Everyone’s favorite series is back with a brand new ticklee, Carolina is a 30 year old artist, whom Mariangel met on her way back from work. They chatted a little bit about what we do here and of course, things went well and here we meet the super ticklish Carolina who definitely came for a few laughs.

Mariangel has to do her best to stay on top of Carolina who is much stronger and way too ticklish to stand any of this, so Mariangel puts a pillow under her to give her self some balance, but still it she’s riding a laughing bull here…quite fun to watch.

Finally, it’s time for Carolina’s cute size 6.5 feet and they are just has sensitive has the rest of her body, so the laughs and the bucking keeps on giving.

By the time this comes to an end, Mariangel giggled like mad at hearing poor Carolina get introduced to a very ticklish situation.

Duration: 5:00.636
Size: 74,6 Mb

Download – Mariangel Full Control Series – Carolina

LadyShibariStudio – Tickling Lady Shibari with the feather duster

In this video Lady Shibari is half-suspended by her arms which gives Orchid an opportunity to tickle her armpits and sides mercilessly. She decides to try the new feather duster that was only used on her before. As expected it makes Lady laugh and shriek a lot. And that’s the beginning of intense 10 minutes of tickling,

To fulfill the requirements of “International Fetish Month” we included:

– purple blindfold
– purple ropes
– plum underwear

Duration: 11:03.875
Size: 750,945 Mb

Download – Tickling Lady Shibari with the feather duster

LadyShibariStudio – Punishment for dirty feet – hogtied, tickled and made to come

You’ve loved our spread-eagle tickling videos, now we bring you a rare hogtie with feet up. Orchid has been a naughty sub – not wearing slippers and tracking dirt all over Lady Shibari’s studio. She needs to learn a lesson. That’s why she gets tied up, tickled mercilessly (mainly on her exposed feet) and made to come with a high-speed vibrator on her clit and another in her cunt.

Duration: 16:42.898
Size: 664,082 Mb

Download – Punishment for dirty feet – hogtied, tickled and made to come

LadyShibariStudio – Polish tickling interrogation

Role play shot by Lady Shibari and Wicked Orchid.

A diligent agent (LS) has to get a secret password out of a recently caught spy (WO). She is allowed to use any tickling means necessary to get it.

Featuring: Lady Shibari’s lovely office suit, spread-eagle bondage, oil and hairbrush on feet tickling and asshole tickling.

Duration: 14:30.899
Size: 1 732,168 Mb

Download – Polish tickling interrogation

LadyShibariStudio – Orchid tied in 2 possitions and tickled

This video starts like many of our tickling clips. Lady Shibari has Orchid tied up on her back, spread eagle. She tickles her slave all over: feet, belly, sides. But making her slave loose it in one position is not enough. So she unties her and tells her to get on all fours, hogties her and tickles her some more, mainly around her ass.

Duration: 12:32.832
Size: 524,14 Mb

Download – Orchid tied in 2 possitions and tickled

LadyShibariStudio – Orchid tickled and forced to come

Lady Shibari binds Orchid’s arms to the bench and tickles her belly and sides. Then she takes out the toys and starts teasing her sub. Some pleasure, some tickles, some pleasure – not letting her get too close. Then she makes Orchid cum. The clip ends with another portion of tickling

Duration: 12:10.933
Size: 614,574 Mb

Download – Orchid tickled and forced to come