UKTickling – Tormenting Ayla’s Tiny Bare Soles On The Mule!

Asian Ayla Sky returns to put her tiny, super-ticklish feet in jeopardy as she tries out our new bondage device! ‘The Mule’ is a new bench with many uses, and it’s perfect for holding Ayla’s tiny body in place as she’s cuffed kneeling with her arms up and her exposed bare soles trapped behind her. Ayla finds this position really bad as she can’t even turn to look behind and see what’s happening! She laughs, squeals, cries and begs as her cute little bare feet are tormented with fingers and then feathers. Her feet are so sensitive that even light feather strokes are unbearable and she clenches her toes tight to try and stop the feather going in between…it doesn’t work though and she goes crazy as her toes are teased and tickled too! Ayla nearly jumps out of her skin as she gets some surprise tickles on her waist and sides too. Her sweater is pulled up to expose her bare skin as the feather drives her crazy there too! It’s a short and sweet scene, but a torturous experience for Ayla. She did not like the new position at all!

Length: 8:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tormenting Ayla’s Tiny Bare Soles On The Mule!

UKTickling – Penny’s Unbearable Nylon Tickle Session In The Stocks!

Super-hot blonde Penny Lee goes into the stocks for a very intense tickle session on her hot body and sexy nylon feet! Penny looks stunning in a tight velvet dress with sheer pantyhose (no panties) and heels. With her arms cuffed above her, the tickling begins and she knows it’s going to be bad as she is struggling and squealing before her heels even come off! Penny is soon laughing helplessly while her nylon feet are tickled with fingers and the hairbrush, which she finds so intense it really drives her crazy this time…it even makes her a little mad at times! Her nylon feet are toe-tied too which only makes it worse as her feet are tormented. Penny’s amazing body then gets some tickling too and her dress is pulled down to show off her incredible boobs which jiggle and jump around as she thrashes from side to side. Her sides and armpits are tickled, and then her skirt is pulled up to expose her naked body beneath the sheer pantyhose as her waist and hips are tickled too! Penny gasps for breath but doesn’t get much of a break in this one as the focus returns to her sexy nylon feet. More toe-ties and brush tickling as Penny struggles to hold it together whilst laughing, struggling and swearing. There’s some final upperbody tickling before it’s over, and she glad when it is – poor Penny did not like this one!

Length: 10:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Penny’s Unbearable Nylon Tickle Session In The Stocks!

TheBKTickler – Megan VS Lucie Lucie’s tickle table debut – part 2

Megan was having so much with Lucie on the tickle table. But I was catching FOMO. So now it was time for me to join on that. That means a double dose of foot tickling, inner thigh tickling, belly tickling, belly raspberries, and armpit tickling being given to Lucie yang. Reminder that this is Lucie’s first-ever tickle shoot. So this segment made it a shoot that she’ll never forget. Available now.

Length: 10:35
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Megan VS Lucie Lucie’s tickle table debut – part 2

TheBKTickler – Megan VS Lucie Lucie’s tickle table debut – part 1

the amazing model known as Megan jones was in town and was excited, as always, to shoot with her. And I was more excited to shoot with her because Once again, she didn’t come alone. This time she brought this beautiful Asian model by the name of Lucie yang. I known about her a while, and what made me more excited to meet her is because this was first tickle shoot. EVER! Also I brought the tickle table. So this was gonna be extra special shoot! She was “excited” to be strapped to the table for some tickling.. now I thought it was only fair for Megan to do honest of starting with putting the tickles on Lucie. Megan is an amazing tickler, and she was great at taunting her while she started tickling her feet..and then when she started thoroughly tickling inner thighs, then belly, which Megan is great with belly raspberries while tickling her stomach.. and the light touches of her nails against lucies armpits was really doing the trick. This wasn’t a warmup tickling for Lucie. Megan was wrecking her lovely. Just because this video is available now, don’t think the tickling for Lucie was over. More will be coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy this new video.

Length: 5:55
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Megan VS Lucie Lucie’s tickle table debut – part 1

TheBKTickler – Nadia’s tickle table debut – part 2

Here’s the second installment of me having fun with Nadia white while making her first time on my tickle table memorable one. With claws, toe sucking, belly button licking… and a quick Ric flair imitation. It’s a hilarious moment. More reasons to check out this video by purchasing. Available now!

Length: 14:32
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Nadia’s tickle table debut – part 2

TheBKTickler – Nadia’s tickle table debut – part 1

It’s been almost 2 years since I met Nadia white while I was in Philadelphia. This time she traveled to NYC, and I couldn’t go without seeing her. And this time, I brought the tickle table with me…which was NOT easy. It was easy walking with that thing on a hot summer day. But bringing that table showed my dedication to how I wanted to make this shoot as amazing as possible. And that means having Nadia’s beautiful naked body to tickled from Head to toe and fingers and electric toothbrushes, so be it. And more good news.. this is just part 1… and I know you’re anticipating on part 2 to be released already. It was be soon. Part 1 is now available!

Length: 23:56
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Nadia’s tickle table debut – part 1

TheTickleRoom – Punishing the Reporters! “Captured and Tickle !”

Megan and Claire are part of a reporting team investigating a local tickle cult in the area. They enter a house nervous and scared with the lights off. Megan and Claire are super ticklish and think that this is a cult that women to insanity in the local area. They search the home for evidence nervously when a sound a laughter fills the kitchen area….. they see a phone with a video of a woman giggling and before they can react….they are taken! They wake up tied together on a bed with 2 people with masks smiling at them! Watch this clip as Megan Cade and Claire are tickle and lickle tickled by these 2 cultist fiends! This is also a little uncut so you can all see the little bits of fun in between.

Length: 18:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Punishing the Reporters! “Captured and Tickle !”