TheTickleRoom – Blairs Fantasy Gang Tickle Pt 1

Oh Man….its time to BREAK the platform with this one. Neko Yano, Imelda, AND ME are ALL on a VERY tied up Blair. We wrap her legs, toetie her, and put her in a straight jacket. She was all good until the MOMENT she is really tied up. She is nervous knowing this is gonna be INTENSE. Neko and Imelda start immediately and Blair is already a giggling mess. But while Imelda tickles poor Blairs thighs Neko goes IN on sucking and licking poor Blairs toes. Blair is SENT giggling and fighting. She CANNOT get away as Neko just makes it worse. Thats when they both go upstairs to tickle Blairs upperbody. Thats when my hands touch her soles and she is BEGGING. “NO NO PLEASE I CANT TAKE IT” As we gang tickle her. Blair literally runs OUT of breath so I have to give her a short break. Blair is SHAKING poor thing but we are FAR from over. We start with light tickles but even that sends poor Blair. But thats when I tell them GO CRAZY and Blair is ALREADY BEGGING. “NO NO NO PLEASE NO DONT”. So I have Imelda lay flat on Blairs legs and keep them DOWN. Neko gets her neck and Blair is confused begging already. Thats when I get my fingers in her toes and she is HYSTERICAL “I CANT TAKE IT!!!” But then I have Imelda reach over and help me get her toes. Blair is UNABLE to handle it. “NO NO NOOOOOO” but then Imelda gets the thighs and knees as Neko goes for her sides. Blair tries to beg again but we are FAR from stopping and far from over. Poor Blair looks like she is on the verge of tears but she wanted this as I add a LOT of oil. OH PLEASE NO PLEASE!!!! as we get in her poor toes and soles. Blair is a giggling mess as I ask her “who loves being tickled” and she softly responds “I do…” But this does NOT mean we are stopping! Now its time to switch it up. The lovely duo goes on her feet and I head to her upperbody. Blair is barely able to catch her breath and she knows its gonna be bad as I get her knees. She LOSES IT and tries so HARD to fight me. I tell her “who loves to be tickled?” She REFUSES until I go CRAZY and through hysterics “I LOVE ……AHAHAHA YOU WONT LET ME PLEA….AHAHAHA I LOVE BEING TICKLED”. But then we just turn it up with fingers and lickling as Blair begs unable to move “I CANT TAKE IT NO PLEASE”

I hold Blairs knees down and the lovely duo goes CRAZY on her poor toes. Blair is a cackling mess unable to stop us from tickling her. Now we switch again and Blair has no idea for WEEKS I have been testing and learning to use tools SPECIFICALLY on her. Well. Lets just say my ideas worked. I oil her soles and she begins FIGHTING me “NO NO PLEASE DONT TIE IT” as I tie her toes to pull them back. She sees the simple scalp massager in my hand. This tool with oil is EVIL. It moves well and unlike brushes has REALLY nice comfy rubber tips so NO PAIN just gliding. Well, Blair is begging until I get those toes back. The MOMENT the tool touches her soles she is GONE. “NONONONO I CANT I CANT I CANT!!!!” I tell her to tell me who loves being tickled to a RESOUNDING “FUCK YOU” as we GO CRAZY. She is HYSTERICAL before FINALLY “I LOVE BEING TICKLED!!!!” But we do NOT STOP and she immediately screams “THATS NOT FAIR”. So I give her another break and free her pinky toes to stop some small pain. But now I have the only tool that normally hurts her. The FEAR in her poor eyes. Blair is still whimpering and lightly begging as I hold this tool. She believes I know how to use it and they have NEVER worked on her. The MOMENT I touch soles with the glove she is GONE. She is HYSTERICAL “I CANT EVEN THINK”. But its ok I have ANOTHER tool. Neko and Imelda get toes in each mouth as Blair SCREAMS “WHAT THE FUCK!!!”. Thats when I switch tools to the other soft brush…..and use both of them. “GET IT OUT WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT GET ME OUT WHAT IS THAT GET IT OFF!!!! O PLEASE NOOOOO” By the end Blair is LITERALLY a sweaty, giggling, ANGRY mess. We go live on IG to end it all and wind her down and she is READY for some damn revenge.

Length: 17:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Blairs Fantasy Gang Tickle Pt 1

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