JamieDaniels – Feet Cleaning Tickling

Jamie’s feet are filthy, she always walks around barefoot and is not bothered by it. But Dee cant stand it, she thinks Jamie’s feet are gross and in need of a good cleaning. She ties Jamie down to a chair and places her feet up on a table, its time to clean them. Jamie begins to panic because her feet are super ticklish and she knows this will be bad. Dee uses a brush with soapy water to clean Jamie’s feet, but the brush is so ticklish on Jamie’s soles. Once Jamie’s feet are clean, Dee decides to punish her and tickles her clean feet with her fingers.

Length: 11:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Feet Cleaning Tickling

JamieDaniels – Diary Of The Tickle Witch

Goddess Dee is seated with her bare feet propped up. She is reading a book that has spells. She thinks it’s all BS. When Kat shows up and puts a spell on Dee. When Dee comes out of the spell she realizes that she summoned the Tickle Witch. Dee had accidentally read the Witches diary. Now Dee has to pay the price and have her feet tickled.

Length: 10:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Diary Of The Tickle Witch

Fettish – Grand Tickle – Scarlett Storm 2

This round with poor Scarlett gang tickled, she wasnt gagged, so you’ll see myself, Mia, and Violet work her over TERRIBLY. This was just before she was gagged and her first time up.

So for those of you who love gang tickling, and non gagged tickling – here you go!

Length: 12:37
Resolution: 1440×812

Download – Grand Tickle – Scarlett Storm 2

Fettish – Breaking Bri Act Three

Writhing on the floor, The Stranger decides to wear her down for her prior behavior (act 1 and 2) and while roped into a solid hogtie, he tickles poor Bri without mercy! Sitting on her shins and at her legs, he is relentless as he works away on her soft, bound soles and toes.

Length: 24:07
Resolution: 1440×806

Download – Breaking Bri Act Three

Fettish – Breaking Bri Act Four

Bri now finds herself deep in the Strangers clutches. Her behavior prior was unacceptable and for that she must be trained.

Laid upon a table, she’s wrapped up incredibly tightly, blindfolded, and gagged TO the table, pinning her head in place. A leather strap compliments the gag, also holding her to the table surface. Multiple leather straps encase her and her bare feet are left exposed through a bracket, her big toes taped back, prying her soles taut.

The Stranger activates a wand, bringing about intense arousal as her feet are tickled. Brushes on her neck, breathplay, more tickling. Her taped toes begin to loosen but no matter, a steel clamp is screwed shut, welding her toes in place. Fire and Ice are the next treatment given to poor Bri…as a reminder.

Almost an HOUR of hell.

Length: 50:59
Resolution: 1440×810

Download – Breaking Bri Act Four

Fettish – Board Room Meeting – Liz River

This thing is MADE for someone like Liz! You see, some respond well to light touch but others don’t at all, or at least not so much. Those who don’t react to a light touch I just don’t put on it because, well – that would be pointless.

but when I DO get someone like her it’s a sure thing she’s got to get strapped to this thing and let the Terminator work!

Length: 15:13
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – Board Room Meeting – Liz River

Fettish – Board Room Meeting – Kendra Lynn

Kendra returned and with that laugh I just had to have her on this contraption! First time we shot together I was just starting out, and didn’t have the array of setups I do now. Arms, and legs belted in, her feet in stocks – I start the terminator! Brushes running along her trapped bare soles, I work the rest of her available body bringing laughter no matter where I touch her; a good day!

Length: 10:26
Resolution: 1440×810

Download – Board Room Meeting – Kendra Lynn