FrenchTickling – Anae & Elea’s Tickle Audition

This is the audition of the ticklish student Anae & Elea.
The first part of the session is an upperbody tickle challenge then the second part is focused on their ticklish bare feet.
Both girls are tickled at the same time or successively by the tickler who explore her most sensitive spots.
The tickler tests their ultra ticklish bare feet, underarms, neck, hips and sides discovering wich technique gets the best results.
A nice sexy ticklish duo who endure the worst for a lot of fun.

Length: 15:04
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Anae & Elea’s Tickle Audition

FrenchTickling – Sindy Introduced Us Her Crazily Ticklish Step-mother Dannie

If you love INSANELY TICKLISH MILFS you will be amazed by DANNIE!
Sindy contacted us a few time ago to said us that her step-mother were at her home for the holidays and that she would be agree to experiment a tickling experience with us.
She explained that her step-mother were even more ticklish than her and that it would be very fun to watch her become insane.
What an incredible news so we accepted immediately and we went to meet her.
Dannie is a 51 years old woman with gorgeous and horribly ticklish feet.
In fact every inch of her body is super ticklish so we strongly immobilized her on a table for a tickling session she will never forget.
This clip is F/F, M/F and FM/F tickle action!
Dannie is really insanely ticklish and you will enjoy here an mature sexy woman who really endures the worst till she loses all control of herself.
She didn’t imagined she were so ticklish and that the tickling were so intensive.
This is the ONLY clip we made with her because it was really too much for her and she was not able to endure another tickling session after this one but we hope she will return in the future.

Length: 20:15
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Sindy Introduced Us Her Crazily Ticklish Step-mother Dannie

FrenchTickling – Harleen Is Merciless With The Insanely Ticklish Debbie

Debbie is now strongly immobilized in the stocks and totally at the mercy of her sadistical friend Harleen.
This clip is mostly F/F tickle action even if the FT Tickler shows some techniques to Harleen at some moments.
Debbie is tickled from head to toes by Harleen who is absolutely ruthless with her underarms, hips, sides, thighs and with her super sensitive bare feet.
The new model can’t move at all in this situation and it really makes her even more sensitive.
Fingers and brushes torment her most sensitive spots till she goes nuts with very fun reactions and with an arousing ticklish laughter.
Debbie endures more that she can stand and it is exactly what we love to see.

Length: 20:23
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Harleen Is Merciless With The Insanely Ticklish Debbie

FrenchTickling – The Ticklish Students : Elea Tickles Anae’s Helpless Bare Feet

Anae & Elea are two 21 years old ticklish students who were curious to discover our tickling world.
Both girls are as ticklish as they’re cute and they introduce themselves at the beginning of the clip with english subtiles.
Then after a short introducing Anae is immobilized with her bare feet up and at the mercy of her friend.
Elea begins to tickle the helpless feet slowly then she increases progressively the action to get a biggest laughter especially with the hairbrushes and the tickling gloves.
Anae has a very sexy ticklish laughter who incitate Elea to continue the fun.
Another charming duo of two girls with beautiful and very sensitive soft feet.

Length: 16:15
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The Ticklish Students : Elea Tickles Anae’s Helpless Bare Feet

FrenchTickling – Camily Pushes Megarah To Her Ticklish Limits

When 2 girls are as ticklish as they’re sadistic tickler we really need to offer them the possibility to have tickle fun with their ultra sensitive bodies.
So we strongly immobilized Megarah to be at the mercy of Camily who love to drive ticklish girls crazy.
Megarah can’t move at all while her new friend explores all her most sensitive spots from head to toes without any mercy.
Camily does her really best to get the maximum laughter from Megarah and we have to admit that she gets incredible results.
Megarah becomes crazy because is pushed to her ticklish limits and this is exactly what Camily loves to see.
What a ruthless F/F tickle action with two sexy girls who love tickling games.

Length: 20:17
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Camily Pushes Megarah To Her Ticklish Limits

Federstreich – Wife Amelia tickled again

This is the second clip of my my wife Amelia. This time we are not using the stocks but she sticks her feet through one of our new kitchen-chairs. It happened after our swimming time. First of all I tried to tease her with my favorite black feather and then switch to my fingers and finally I use the electric toothbrush. She really got aroused by this feelings.

This time Amelia was not as nervous and because of that it tickled her more than the last time in the stocks. I am so in love with her and her feet and I hope you can imagine why it´s a pleasure for me to touch and tickle them and maybe you fell a little in love with her feet too.

Length: 6:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Wife Amelia tickled again

Federstreich – Photographer Nina – Revenge

After tickling Nika Venus feet we decided, that it is now Ninas turn. Nina is our photographing lady and she had a lod of fun tickling the feet of Nika Venus. But now we have an opposite situation. Enjoy thsi clip. 🙂

Length: 11:39
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Photographer Nina – Revenge