ShyAndWildTickling – Car Trouble 2 – Part 1

Length: 10:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Car Trouble 2 – Part 1

RussianFetish – Vanda got in a tickling trap – Ballgagged, and nylon tickling in stocks

According to the story, curiosity dragged the young girl Vanda, who looked like a chubby angel, into a room in the center of which there is a strange bench with stocks. She came closer to the device and didn’t notice how an unknown person appeared behind her and attacked her. As a result, Vanda found herself tightly fixed in the stocks. She has a tightly fastened ball gag in her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes. “Oh no, I hope he’s not going to tickle me,” she thought.
Tickling for Vanda is very serious, she cannot tolerate it calmly. Masked Man knew this very well because he had been following this cutie for a long time. He decided to fix her very securely so that Vanda didn’t have a chance to escape tickling. He also knew that her feet get very ticklish when she wears nylon.

Masked man begins to tickle her delicate and sensitive soles through tights with various devices. Vanda goes crazy, she is even turned on by the realization of the fact that she is completely at the mercy of the tickler, she can do nothing but squeal and burst out laughing. But just moans are heard through the tight ball gag.

Vanda realizes with horror that she even likes it, although her feet are very ticklish it’s the combination of this helplessness, fixation, and the strong tickling reaction of her nylon soles that turns out to be a truly exciting experience of sensual deprivation, and a secret fantasy of being a toy for tickling that has become a reality right now…

Length: 22:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Vanda got in a tickling trap – Ballgagged, and nylon tickling in stocks

RussianFetish – Ticklish agony of Alsu in a dungeon

Alsu is in a dungeon dressed in a sexy oriental outfit and a juicy tickling in three positions awaits her.

1. Hogtie
Alsu is hogtied on the table and I will torment her slowly at first, and then faster and faster.
I run my fingers over her ticklish ribs and take her in a powerful grip to tickle her feet and sides at the same time. Then I lubricate her soles with cream and tickle her with a comb so that Alsu goes crazy. After that, I bite her feet and enjoy her insane reaction. After that, I give her a break

2. Tickling in stocks
Here I secured Alsu’s arms in cuffs, and her legs are locked in stocks. Sitting behind her, I strongly press on her sides and tickle her while she’s asking me to stop and gets exhausted. Then I lubricate her feet again with cream and tickle them with my hands. Alsu is already in a ticklish agony, but I don’t stop.

3. Standing position in bracelets on chains
This is the most advantageous position for me and not the best for Alsu – she almost cannot move her arms and legs.
Being behind, I tickle her sweaty body. She is especially ticklish now, she’s hot and tired and begs to stop.
The tickling came to an end and I almost let her go, freeing her arm and leg, but I suddenly attack her again like a predator and tickle her by surprise.
Finally, I release Alsu completely and she is happy 🙂

Length: 16:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish agony of Alsu in a dungeon

RussianFetish – Samara – Upper body tickling and belly-button fetish

In this video, for the first time, we shoot a new model Samara – she is 35 years old, she has a wonderful slim and sporty body and she is interested in expanding the boundaries of her knowledge in terms of fetishes.

To be honest, the last time I saw such an ABS as she has, was in an anatomy textbook at school. Samara has a very beautiful flat tummy and navel, and we decided to devote a whole clip to this.
Samara lies on a bench wearing a bikini, her arms and legs are fixed with our branded leather cuffs. I only tickle her upper body and her thighs a little bit.

The girl is a little shy, but then relaxes and enjoys the tickling process. Her armpits quickly get wet. I also add oil and her body starts to shine.
The camera shoots in such a way as to make a gift for those who are not indifferent to bellies and navels. Enjoy!

Length: 16:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Samara – Upper body tickling and belly-button fetish

RussianFetish – Agata locked in stocks, gets tickled with four hands and then vibrated until orgasm

Agata is locked in stocks that secure her arms and legs. Klavdia will help me tickle her, she comes up to Agata and smears oil over her wonderful breasts. She then stands behind Agata and tickles her with her long and sharp fingernails.
I sit in front of Agata’s feet – I also grease them with oil and then tickle them with a brush. Then I use my hands and a massage brush to drive Agata crazy. Klavdia actively tickles Agata’s armpits and massages her big tits. Later, Klavdia and I change places and continue to tickle Agata.

In the second scene, Agata remains in stocks but in a different position. Now her legs are apart and raised up, she’s lying on her back with her soles up. Klavdia settles near the ticklee and smears more oil over her breasts and armpits. I tickle Agata’s feet and turn on a vibrator, placing it between her legs. Agata is laughing and moaning, feeling both tickling and pleasure.
Klavdia continues to torment Agata by holding the vibrator in place and in the end, we drive her crazy by tickling.

Length: 20:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Agata locked in stocks, gets tickled with four hands and then vibrated until orgasm

OrgasmAbuse – Ziva Sets A Trap

Indica has fallen into Zivas trap! She finds herself stretched out on fancy, golden sheets but tied to the bed! Now Ziva walks in holding a massage wand! Now Indica is at Zivas mercy and Ziva seems to be fresh out of it! Ziva torments Indica with the wand, getting her more and more worked up! Ziva knows what shes doing because Indica finally cums so hard she squirts all over the place!

Length: 15:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ziva Sets A Trap

OrgasmAbuse – Misty Is Tied & Tormented

Its Misty turn to be tied up and tormented by Valentina and the massage wand! Misty is helpless to resist as Valentina uses the wand to probe her most sensitive and private spots! All Misty can do is hold on as long as she can even though the outcome is inevitable!

Length: 15:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Misty Is Tied & Tormented