TheFetishHouseOfMacyDivine – Macy Divine Meets Audrey Sugarsmak

Audrey loses her mind when she meets Macy. She even goes crazier when Me & BK are put together ???????? watch from belly tickling to armpits to neck to feet where ever Ms. Macy Divine can dare to put her hands. Stay tuned for more….

Length: 4:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Macy Divine Meets Audrey Sugarsmak

TheFetishHouseOfMacyDivine – Macy’s Tickle Table Quickie

Macy Makes Her Way To BK’s Tickle Table Again!! It’s Tickle Time!! Upper Body Tickling Is No Joke lol I Can’t Help But Scream At The Top Of My Lungs Every time Someone Touches ANY PART Of My Upper Body lol And Of Course BK Makes It A Point To Use Every Tool including the worst tool of all his FINGERSSS lol

Length: 5:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Macy’s Tickle Table Quickie

SolleticoTickling – Exploring Pamela Strong

In this video the tickler explores the italian wrestler Pamela Strong. Pamale has played in the past in other tickle videos of italian Gisyproduction (check and search her name on clips4sale studio number 61921). First Pamela introduces herself, describing briefly her life and showing her beautiful muscles. Then the exploration starts. First the tickler tests her sides and her tummy, obtaining a good reaction. The armpits are the next. The tickler alternates between armpits, waist and sides, while Pamela moves around to avoid his stimulating hands, pushed to catch the tickler’s hands to get them away from her body. Now Pamela lies down on the sofa and the tickler searches for tickle spots along her legs: behind the knees is a good spot!! Pamela turns herself navel down, so her feet could be put to the tickle test: they seems ticklish, but Pamela manages to keep them still. The tickler goes to the neck, not so ticklish when tickled by hands (but check other videos, with the neck tickled by tools!). At the end, having stated which spots are more ticklish, the tickler hits again her sides, tickling them firmly! Pamela talks during all the session, commenting the sensitivity of every point of her body: very charming!

Length: 10:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Exploring Pamela Strong

SolleticoTickling – Pamela Strong tickled in bikini – feet (subtitled version)

Beautiful Italian wrestler Pamel Strong is wearing a bikini for this new tickle session. In the first part of the session she is sitting on a massage bed, with her arms tied up behind her back and her feet tied up so to show her gorgeous feet and expose her tender soles to many tickling tools. The tickler uses different types of feathers, brushes and other instruments. First he uses three different sorts of feathers with different stiffness, then he changes to brushes with different width and length. After that, it’s the turn for the electric toothbrush and, next, classical fingers. Last but not least, the pet glove seems very effective! Pamela reacts to the softest tools with giggles and moans and slow movements, nearly excited as she admits. But the hardest tools make her burst with louder laughter! Enjoy!

Length: 16:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Pamela Strong tickled in bikini – feet (subtitled version)

SolleticoTickling – Pamela Strong tickled in bikini – upperbody (subtitled version)

Italian wrestler Pamela Strong is now tied down to the top of a massage bed, so to stay face up and show the tickler all helpless upperbody. The tickler, also this time, tries different tools to tickle the beautiful Pamela. Feathers and paintbrushes get to keep Pamela giggling, while she admits the pleasant sensations she is receiving from the instruments. But just poking her tummy with the top of a paintbrush or with the tips of the feathers brings Pamela to a louder laughter. And when the tickler goes with her hands to armpits and sides, Pamela’s body squirms from side to side to avoid the tickling! She is so strong that it’s very difficult opening her arms to reach the pits. The tickler keeps on tickling her tummy and upperbody, with some visits to legs and knees! Enjoy!

Length: 17:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Pamela Strong tickled in bikini – upperbody (subtitled version)

RomyFetish – The amazing Tickle Box

Let me introduce you my new favorite tool : the tickle box.
I secured my lee, tied up, gagged and blindfolded and her feet are trapped into the box.
I open my box for the first time and start tickling her feet with her nice little white socks. Then I removed them and use all the nice tools I have to make her wiggle. She can’t escape at all, her feet are oiled and punished with claws, electric toothbrush, brush, and even the nasty massage tool !
Would you like to try it ?

Length: 12:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The amazing Tickle Box

SolesScreamExperience – Session Asia Perez Subtle Tickles and Chat

This is from my first meeting with Asia. I start by gently tickling her and we chat about different topics in including the fetish industry and her introduction to tickling. This is predominately tickling, but she is give some breaks throughout. It’s ticklish exploration if you will. Some conversation through 60% of the clip.

I tickle her soles, toes, achilleas, knees, thighs, stomach, palms of hands, etc. She flips to her stomach and I work on her hamstrings and back. I use a feather and fake rose. You’ll notice she’s even more ticklish when she can’t see what I’m doing.

Length: 11:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Session Asia Perez Subtle Tickles and Chat