ShyAndWildTickling – Roxie Love Is Ticklish – Part 1 – Upperbody Tickling

Duration: 7:21.374
Size: 285,141 Mb

Download – Roxie Love Is Ticklish – Part 1 – Upperbody Tickling

RussianFetish – Topless duo – Adelia Mult sensually tickles Kristina

Two hot and adorable topless babies continue to play with each other. In the first part, Adelia tickled Kristina, now the girls have changed roles. Adelia is fixed on the bench and Kristina caresses and tickles her body. First, Kristina tickles her girlfriend’s upper body, she does it gently and sensually, using her sharp fingernails. She is excited by Adelia’s reaction to tickling. Kristina also uses an electric toothbrush. In the second part, she tickles her bare feet with her nails and the toothbrush.

Duration: 21:19.200
Size: 1 457,906 Mb

Download – Topless duo – Adelia Mult sensually tickles Kristina

RussianFetish – One year later with Alsu – NEW torture on a chair and tickling on a table with a vibrator

Alsu was captured and got stripped down to her panties. There’s only a leather jacket over her topless body. She has a sack over her head. Alsu is led through a corridor into a room. When the captor brings her in, he fondles her tits and tickles her upper body.
Alsu looks much thinner now. Her ribs protrude allowing him to tickle every bulge. The guy takes her to a chair and tickles her hard with his hands. He puts leather bracelets on Alsu’s arms and legs and leaves her alone. Alsu resists and removes the bag from her head – then the man begins to tickle her even more and caresses her body.
In the end, he leaves her alone and leaves.
In the next scene, Alsu is tied on a table in the same clothes and the tormentor starts tickling her sensitive body. Alsu laughs loudly and begs to stop. He uses a feather as well as metal claws to tickle her belly button with a beautiful piercing.
In the end, he places a vibrator under her panties and continues tickling her. The vibrator is also used for tickling, he tickles her ribs and armpits with it.

Duration: 20:42.658
Size: 2 127,928 Mb

Download – One year later with Alsu – NEW torture on a chair and tickling on a table with a vibrator

RussianFetish – Klavdia and Taisia – Double tickling in big stocks in catsuit and straight jacket

Klavdia and Taisia are placed in massive stocks with their toes tied. Klavdia wears a catsuit, and Taisia is dressed in a leather straightjacket. Their mouths are taped.
We begin to tickle two vociferous girls and their ticklish feet twitch a lot. We use more feathers, combs, and Wartenberg’s pinwheel to tickle their feet properly.
After a while, we remove the tape from their mouths and blindfold the ticklees. Then we tickle them even more with baby oil on their soles. Then an electric toothbrush appears and we tickle the girls to the point of exhaustion with all devices.

Duration: 28:29.874
Size: 2 734,745 Mb

Download – Klavdia and Taisia – Double tickling in big stocks in catsuit and straight jacket

RussianFetish – Adelia Mult topless – Tickling her sexy body and feet

We’ve got a new model with hot tits, meet Adelia Mult!

Height: 155 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Age: 24 years old
Foot size: 36 (6 US)
Tickling index: upper body – 8 out of 10 (explosive reaction in armpits), feet – 5 out of 10 (tickling her feet turns her on).

In the first scene, the babe is fixed in the middle of the room in a standing X position, she is wearing only panties. She is in anticipation of something new for herself, namely tickling, yes yes, she has tried a lot in life, but no intense tickling. And so, Masked man comes up to her from behind and starts tickling her upper body. Adelia clearly hadn’t expected such a reaction from herself. After a while, he applies oil to her body and rubs over her boobs, belly, armpits. With oil, her body became not only sexier but also more sensitive. She is very excited by the tickling process, she moans sweetly, twitches and laughs.
In the second scene, Adelia lies on a bench on her stomach. Her hands are tied behind her back, her ankles are tied as well. The scene begins with Masked man smearing oil on her soles and ass. Adelia is enjoying this. Then the tickling of the feet with hands and a toothbrush begins. It turns out that feet are a special place on Adelia’s body, touching them excites her. She doesn’t show an explosive sensitivity to tickling on her feet, as in her armpits, but feet tickling excites her in her own way, besides, her feet are so sexy… Enjoy!

Duration: 22:57.800
Size: 1 562,091 Mb

Download – Adelia Mult topless – Tickling her sexy body and feet

HoustonFootFetish – Vicki Dollz 1st time Full Body Tickle Torture

Vicki Dollz is a new light skinned Houston Foot Fetish model and coincidentally this is also her first time getting tickled on camera. The special Guest tickle Host is my main man Bobby Tickly and he does a good job of restraining Vicki by her wrists and ankles and his tickle skills are beyond superb. She had a delightful experience getting tickled & her facial expressions and overall reactions are the ingredients of legend. They sa

Duration: 15:08.107
Size: 750,02 Mb

Download – Vicki Dollz 1st time Full Body Tickle Torture

HoustonFootFetish – Misery loves company The Grinch ruins Lua’s X-Mas party

Lua Saturnii has been looking forward all year for this Holiday party she’s about to attend, too bad The evil Grinch has other plans. She’s getting ready in the bathroom when Grinch sneaks up behind her and puts her under a state of duress. He begins to tickle her upper body and armpits relentlessly with no mercy. He doesn’t care one bit that she’s laughing and screaming so hard that she is running out of breath. He is very intent on ruining her holiday and the upcoming party she’s trying to go to. She begs, pleads and struggles to get away and for him to stop the tickle assault on her armpits but the Grinch is only focused on causing her anguish, suffering, and misery. She absolutely hates being tickled by his furry fingers and the tickling is far worse on her armpits because she hadn’t had a chance to shave them yet which works further in his favor of causing maximum suffering. The grinch really does thrive on her being tickled & the fact that he is also ruining her holiday is the icing on the cake for him. Before leaving her in a further state of sorrow he does let her know he has every intention of ruining her X-mas again next year as he laughs evilly and runs off. Lua’s holiday fun is now ruined and she throws her Santa hat to the ground in a state of utter defeat.

Duration: 5:20.953
Size: 913,737 Mb

Download – Misery loves company The Grinch ruins Lua’s X-Mas party